Using SaaS for the MEAN Stack

By: Morpheus Data


If you are looking into creating single-page apps for one or more solutions, you may want to build them using the MEAN stack. This stack is especially suitable for apps that are made for the cloud, which is a perfect case for using SaaS to get everything in place quickly.

What is the MEAN stack?

While the name sounds like “mean”, it actually stands for the software pieces that are used to create a particular development stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. One of the biggest advantages of using this particular development stack is the ability to allow developers to use one consistent data model across the stack, using JSON and BSON (for MongoDB). This allows for quick transitions between the various pieces of the stack, especially when a single programmer has to handle more than one portion of the stack.

morpheus data helps run mean stack
The MEAN stack maintains a consistent data model. Source:

 Another advantage is that the NodeJS piece of the stack uses asynchronous I/O (input/output). This allows for calls to a server to be executed without blocking the main programming thread. Instead, the program can continue operation normally. When the call to the server returns the necessary information, a callback function is executed to make use of the updates. This often makes apps appear to run more quickly and smoothly to the end user.

node.js asynchronous calls
How NodeJS asynchronous I/O works. Source:

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, which allows you to set up services, such as application servers and databases, as needed to create the apps you need. This type of system typically works in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment, which often makes provisioning of servers and software as simple as entering some configurations and clicking a button.

This type of setup is perfect for the MEAN stack, as each piece of the MEAN stack is easily placed into the cloud and thus can be easily provisioned, so they are widely available on SaaS services and can be used quickly when needed. If you are looking for a good development stack, the MEAN stack has much to offer for IT management as well as for developers!

Get SaaS with Morpheus

Looking for a good SaaS service to run your MEAN stack apps? Why not try out Morpheus, which makes all the pieces of the MEAN stack available to you. You can provision databases, servers, and more quickly, and have your app up and running in no time! Using the available tools, you can also monitor the various parts of your system to keep track of uptime, response time, and to be alerted if an issue does arise.

The Morpheus interface is clean and easy to use. Source: Morpheus.

Morpheus allows you to provision apps in a single click, and provides ease of use for developers with APIs and a CLI. In addition, backups are also automatic, and you can have redundancy as needed to avoid potentially long waits for disaster recovery to take place. So, why not register for an exclusive Morpheus demo today?