Need to turn on-prem infrastructure into a Private Cloud while also simplifying how your teams access AWS public cloud services?

Morpheus has helped hundreds of customers, service providers, OEMs, and systems integrators unify their on-premises private infrastructure alongside AWS.  With over 1M application services provisioned under management, we’d love to help you master your multi and hybrid cloud challenges.

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We make it easy for you to leverage your committed cloud spend and accelerate your time to value.  From small pilot deployments to global roll-outs with thousands of instances, we’ve gone from concept to deployment quickly with the help of AWS Marketplace based procurement.  Avoid budget delays and leverage existing procurement processes; contact us to learn more about procuring Morpheus Data through the AWS Marketplace.

Manage Hybrid Clouds and Modernize Apps

Morpheus is an agile platform that provides self-service provisioning for VMs, containers, middleware, databases and more. With a unified interface, Morpheus enables IT to control multi-cloud deployments and enforce consistency.

Don’t sacrifice access to native AWS services

Leverage advanced cloud-native services in AWS without requiring IT to learn multiple cloud toolsets. Morpheus can expose AWS native IaaS, PaaS, Kubernetes, Storage options, and CloudFormation blueprints via a unified console and API. 

Reduce risk and improve visibility

Enable a single public cloud account to be shared across users while still tracking and managing user-level access. Share clouds across tenants, groups, and projects. Set policies for infrastructure, lifecycle, budgets, backups, and more.

Optimize cloud cost and consolidate reporting

Synchronize real-time cost data for AWS alongside other clouds and your on-prem infrastructure. Leverage Morpheus discovery and rightsizing to analyze and optimize instances, set power schedules, and recommend reserved instances.

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For more information and detailed documentation visit Morpheus Docs and User Guides

Specific Morpheus features for AWS include:

  • Instance, Service, Infrastructure Provisioning & Synchronization
  • EKS Cluster Creation & Synchronization
  • Morpheus Kubernetes, Docker & KVM Cluster Creation
  • ELB and ALB Creation & Synchronization
  • Security Group and Rule Creation & Synchronization
  • Network Synchronization
  • VPC Creation & Synchronization
  • CloudFormation Provisioning & Resource Synchronization
  • Terraform Provisioning & Resource Synchronization
  • Pricing & Costing Synchronization plus Invoice Costing
  • MetaData Tag Creation & Synchronization
  • S3 Bucket Creation & Synchronization
  • Route53 Automation & Synchronization
  • IAM Profile Synchronization and Assignment
  • RDS Support
  • Backups / Snapshots and Restore from Snapshot
  • Auto Scaling
  • Remote Console (SSH & RDP)
  • Lifecycle Management and Resize
  • Elastic IP Assignment and Network Pools

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