Cloud cost optimization features
can lower cloud costs by 30% or more  

Morpheus screenshot for cloud cost optimization on-prem

Discover and optimize brownfields

When Morpheus connects to a hypervisor or cloud, we inventory existing instances and synchronize every 5 minutes. Convert discovered instances to managed instances to enable enhanced automation, logging, and granular analytics.

Lower costs 30% with cloud cost optimization from Morpheus

Analyze metrics and compare costs

The Morpheus cloud cost analytics engine compares utilization and costs across clouds to help make decisions on where workloads should be provisioned.

View cloud cost comparisons and use cloud cost analytics to understand use by user, group, cloud, and tenant.  Filter by region, tag, instance type, and more.

Morpheus guided rightsizing enables cloud cost optimization

Implement cost optimization guidance

View and execute rightsizing recommendations for resource and cost optimization.  Morpheus guidance looks at CPU, RAM, and Storage to recommend actions for sizing, power state, and reserved instances in public clouds.

Cloud cost optimization must include role-based access
and policy or else you’re only treating the symptoms

Efficient cloud cost optimization means
understanding and allocating accurately

Manage hybrid cloud prices and plans

Create on-prem price plans just like public cloud including granular prices for CPU, memory, cores, storage, platform, and software. Support multiple currencies and price adjustments for markup.

Morpheus will synchronize all public cloud pricing nightly including allocation of EA and CSP pricing in some public clouds. 

Track summary costs and budgets

Projected cloud cost trends are visible for all clouds plus detailed metrics are available on cloud summary pages. 

Budgets can be scoped to accounts, clouds, tenants, and users then scoped to different periods and intervals by month, quarter, or year.

Analyze and allocate cloud cost data

Leverage built-in reports, export data, or use the Morpheus billing API to integrate with 3rd party tools for cross-charge and show back.

Morpheus tracks usage for all instances across all clouds and will pull actual public cloud invoice data to enable a single cross-cloud system of record.