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Now that Broadcom has acquired VMware, change is here and you need to be ready. Higher prices, fewer options, and less flexibility likely have your IT team wondering how to reduce risk and plot the right path forward.

“Why am I being forced to buy software I don’t need?”

Concern #1

Broadcom has limited VMware’s solutions into two offerings, VMware vSphere Foundation (VVF), and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). VCF forces you into using VMware for networking, storage, and automation so you are fully locked in.


Investigating VMware Alternatives?
“Can I drop Aria Automation (vRA) and still keep vSphere?”

Concern #2

Aria Automation (aka vRealize Automation) is VMware-specific which limits choice. Look at orchestration solutions that automate VMware but also work with alternatives like Nutanix, Microsoft, or other KVM-based options.


Aria in trouble with cloud management?
“Should we just build our orchestration stack from open-source options?”

Concern #3

It’s tempting to build provisioning pipelines and centralized platforms from tools like Ansible and Terraform. But do you and your team have the skills, experience, and ongoing investment to build, extend, and maintain a DIY science project?


Examining ‘build vs. buy’ for platform operations

It’s time to reassess VMware and accelerate what’s next.

VMware is a great hypervisor with a robust ecosystem, but how much control do you want to give Broadcom? Evaluating options is not simple and you shouldn’t do it alone.  Morpheus has helped others in this same situation:

Im Committed But Have Trust Issues Icon
1. I’m committed but have serious trust issues.

After review, you might maintain footprint, reduce your ELA, and eliminate Aria/vRA so you can re-platform later.

Lets Maybe See Other People Icon
2. Let’s maybe start seeing other people.

You need to orchestrate VMware but you’re investigating alternate hypervisors and accelerating cloud-native adoption.

Ill Never Let Anyone Hurt Me Again Icon
3. I’ll never let anyone hurt me again.

You're running away from VMware ASAP and need help from hypervisors, to K8s clusters, to hybrid-cloud orchestration.

Morpheus is a two-time Best of VMworld award winner!

Yes we know it’s VMware Explore but it will always be VMworld to us #IYKYK

“(This challenge) shines a light on the need for an abstraction layer ... something that can pull all the pieces together.”

Brad Parks, Chief Product Officer, Morpheus Data

Morpheus is the best cloud orchestration for VMware and a key part of your Broadcom risk mitigation plan.

Evaluate Vmware Alternatives At Your Own Pace Image

Evaluate VMware alternatives at your own pace

Morpheus automates self-service for VMware + Nutanix, Microsoft, KVM, Bare Metal, Kubernetes, Public Cloud, and more. We don’t have a dog in the fight.

Take Back Control Of Your Application Workloads Image

Take back control of your application workloads

Morpheus gives your developers the power to modernize all your apps from one place with governance across private, public, hosted, and edge locations.

Reduce Costs And Complexity With A Unified Approach Image

Reduce costs and complexity with a unified approach

Morpheus removes the vRA and Aria overhead, plus lets you blueprint and deploy apps into any hypervisor, container cluster, or cloud with the same skill set.


Solutions Brief: VMware Risk Mitigation Services

You’re not the first to (v)realize that Morpheus is better.

We’ve helped dozens of enterprises move off of Aria and vRealize Automation to take back control of their workloads, and embrace hybrid-cloud platform operations.

“Our agility and performance with Morpheus surpassed all expectations. Service delivery used to take 80 hours per server end-to-end, but now we can provision 30 servers at a time in minutes, from start to finish ...”

Challenge Icon

12 months wasted on vRA; still took 80 hrs to provision apps due to integration complexity. Needed VMware alternative.

Solution Icon

Morpheus PoC was ready in hours and prod roll-out went quickly across eight data centers with 1000's of apps.

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Boosted agility to compete more effectively.  Over $6 million in total savings with 10,000+ instances provisioned.

Wherever you are on your VMware journey we can help.

Let’s grab time to talk about your situation and show you what Morpheus has to offer.  If you think there’s a fit, we can start a PoC or consultative pilot to prove value without software commitment.

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