Platform Operations

Simplify Hybrid Cloud Platform Operations

Provide users with an Internal Developer Portal for on-demand provisioning of infrastructure and apps.

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Self-service is core to DevOps, Cloud, IDPs — and Morpheus. We've been doing PlatformOps since the beginning.

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Provision Services

Expose curated app services and environments via GUI, API, IaC, or ITSM.

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Simplify Containers

Provision on-prem or cloud-managed K8s plus manage existing clusters.

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Embrace .Next

Orchestrate next-gen workloads and extend automation to the edge.

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Scale Automation

Enable XaaS plus leverage operational workflows for day-2 tasks and jobs.

Whiteboard What is Morpheus? Enterprise-ready PlatformOps

More dev-centric than legacy CMP, less brittle and easier to manage than open-source science projects, as extensible as you want, and proven in enterprises worldwide.

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It’s the only platform that gives everyone what they need.

Simplify IDP projects without the pain or lock-in

Build and maintain more easily

Minimize scripting with dozens of out-of-the-box integrations and extensible plugins for clouds, infrastructure, ITSM, tasks, and more.

Eliminate the legacy lock-in

Free yourself to deploy any app into any infrastructure or cloud across different formats with a 100% agnostic approach to hypervisors and clouds.

Streamline lifecycle automation

Run chained tasks during start-up, shutdown, reconfigure, teardown, and other phases, plus execute ad-hoc or scheduled workflows.

It Ops

Enable DevSecOps so everyone stays in their lane

Govern tenants, teams, and users

Connect to IAM and SSO to map groups and users into fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC) guardrails with dozens of policies.

Improve your overall security posture

Ensure golden template use, embed agents at provision time, lock down access, rotate credentials, manage secrets, and audit all activity.

Bring security into service delivery

Unlike dedicated security tools, Morpheus embeds security into continuous delivery and provides features like SCAP scanning.


Get what you want, when you want, without waiting on IT

Keep using the tools you already know

Full API/CLI and IaC support to tie into CI/CD pipelines and get environments on-demand so you spend time on innovation, not infrastructure.

Enable GitOps style automation

Link SCM to scripts and infrastructure-as-code to catalog items to decouple the creation and execution of Terraform, Ansible, and more.

Innovate faster with feedback loops

Self-service goes beyond provisioning with easy access to logs, backups, monitoring, remote console, and lifecycle automation.


Visibility and insight to save 30% on cloud cost

Discover resources to understand cost

Inventory existing instances and objects across all clouds, run analytics to find problems and implement guidance recommendations for cloud cost saving.

Go beyond reporting to fix cost issues

Set budget guardrails and power schedules, limit clouds and plans by role, plus provide cost comparisons at provision time for end-users.

Centralize cloud cost and usage data

Track costs and usage for every tenant, user, group, tag, app, cloud, and more for private infrastructure and public cloud including invoice information.


Trusted by Enterprise Platform Teams

“Our agility and performance with Morpheus surpassed all expectations. Service delivery used to take 80 hours per server end-to-end, but now we can provision 30 servers at a time in just minutes, start to finish. We couldn’t have realized this level of automation with a traditional CMP.”
Hybrid Cloud Platform Architect, AstraZeneca
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Learn how Morpheus can help make your platform engineering and operations vision a reality with less cost and complexity.

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