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Boost Revenue and Reduce Delivery Cost

Efficiently and effectively provide hybrid cloud platform operations services to your customers.

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Morpheus is a proven service provider platform that integrates with technologies you already have.

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Expand Reach

On-prem, hosted, and public cloud in your own white-labeled portal.

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Streamline Ops

Rely less on cloud-specific experts for efficient service delivery for clients.

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Avoid Complexity

Minimize vendor lock-in and skip the brittle DIY scripting nightmare.

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Embed FinOps

Provide value-added cost management and optimization services.

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Case Study Accelerating MSP/CSP Transformation with a Different Approach

Find out how leading cloud service provider Expedient expanded revenue and margin by enabling clients to provision services on-demand into private, hosted, and public cloud.

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Focus on the workload to deliver more value to clients

Provision workloads into any cloud

Provide a catalog of platform services

Go beyond IaaS to provide one-touch app, platform, cluster, and container provisioning for your customers.

Integrate into modern pipelines

Let client dev teams go fast using the tools they know with a full-fidelity API/CLI, IaC provider, CI/CD hooks, and more.

Customize views for different users

Give developers, finance, and other customer personas dashboards and catalog items based on role-based access.


Surround the workload with expertise

Cross-sell adjacent services

Help customers blueprint new applications, deploy IaC, embrace automation, and more. Extend footprint with Backup-aaS, DR-aaS, and other XaaS offers.

Provide managed cost optimization

Morpheus tracks tags, billing, and usage by tenant and user across clouds. It also highlights savings opportunities. Turn this data into a billable service.

Eliminate cloud boundaries

Provide managed services expertise for distributed cloud, including on-premises or edge infrastructure with federation and targeted automation.


Manage workloads cradle to grave

Streamline infrastructure automation

Associate scripts to application instances so tasks run during start-up, shutdown, reconfigure, and other phases plus execute ad-hoc operational workflows.

Simplify how you deliver IT services

Integrate with ServiceNow and other ITSM providers to easily publish new as-a-Service catalog items, update CMDB CI records, and leverage approvals.

Deliver best-in-class IT operations

Monitor service availability, integrate full-stack observability, and monetize activities like patching and maintenance with the Morpheus automation engine.


Measure cloud usage to simplify billing

Set pricing and plans by tenant

Associate hybrid cloud ‘t-shirt sizes’ to service and price plans to gather metering data, then access usage data and public cloud invoices via API for client billing.

Customize price and plan elements

Add software license costs, power and cooling, managed service overhead, and other uplift elements including support for dozens of international currencies.

Provide FinOps reporting to clients

Expose customizable reports and real-time analytics to client finance teams. You can also expose costing data for clouds, clusters, instances, and other objects.


Trusted by leading SPs, OEMs, and GSIs

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