NEWS: Hypervisor Independence from Broadcom and VMware

By: Brad Parks

Morpheus Data Enables Hybrid Cloud Platform Operations and Hypervisor Independence from Broadcom and VMware


Greenwood Village, CO – Morpheus Data, a pioneer in Hybrid Cloud Platform Operations, is leveling the playing field for enterprises with programs, partnerships, and platform updates all aimed at helping customers replace VMware Aria Automation and avoid being locked into a Broadcom-VMware future.

Against the backdrop of the booming Hybrid Cloud market and concerns arising from the Broadcom acquisition of VMware, Morpheus is empowering enterprises to embrace hybrid cloud platform operations and hypervisor independence, charting a new course that is more extensible and developer-friendly than legacy cloud management but more enterprise-grade than open-source science projects.  Industry analysts including Gartner, Forrester, and GigaOm have recognized the leadership Morpheus has in hybrid cloud orchestration but more importantly with a staggering 35% year-over-year growth rate and hundreds of enterprise customers on its platform, the market is betting on Morpheus.

“IT has historically leveraged VMware as part of a software-defined datacenter but today’s enterprises are trying to move beyond VMs and avoid vendor lock-in” says Brad Parks, Chief Product Officer at Morpheus Data. “Morpheus is helping customers streamline the end-to-end provisioning and management of applications running on VMware as well as any other hypervisor, container cluster, or public cloud.”

The company is uniquely positioned to address concerns stemming from the Broadcom acquisition of VMware because it has award-winning integration with VMware technologies but also supports dozens of alternative hypervisors and clouds. As organizations actively seek alternatives to VMware Aria Automation (vRA) and the lock-in of a single virtualization provider, Morpheus provides an agnostic solution for developer self-service and cost control over where application workloads are provisioned.


Mitigating Risks Amidst Broadcom’s VMware Acquisition

In response to escalating concerns surrounding industry consolidation, Morpheus Data unveils a comprehensive suite of programs and partnerships including a Risk Mitigation Services Offer delivered by Morpheus Field Engineering, providing customers with the time and flexibility needed to evaluate how they utilize VMware moving forward.

Starting at just $40,000 and delivered in as little as 90-days, this services-led initiative is a strategic move to safeguard enterprises during this critical transition period.  The engagement is based on experience migrating dozens of the largest enterprises in the world off legacy automation tools in favor of an agnostic approach to provisioning across VMware, other hypervisors, and public clouds.

The Morpheus field engineering team is also experienced at helping customers migrate off internally built tools that are not adequate for enterprise scale. These brittle home-grown tools are equally risky as they are typically built from open-source components with hundreds of scripts that are difficult to extend into new clouds and technology domains.


Unleashing Agility with Morpheus Plugin Framework

Morpheus Data is not just an alternative for VMware Aria Automation, it’s a fully unified orchestration platform for developer self-service that brings together hybrid cloud management, Kubernetes and KVM cluster management, runbook automation, and cloud cost optimization.

Delivering on this promise requires integration of dozens of third-party technologies including hypervisors, clouds, networks, storage, ITSM, automation tools, Git repositories, and more.  For years, Morpheus has developed and maintained these third-party integrations and will continue to do so but now, with the Morpheus Plugin Framework, the company is massively expanding agility and flexibility for customers. An expanding cadre of industry giants including Dell, Lenovo, HPE, Nutanix, Oracle, Canonical, plus dozens of channel partners and managed services providers are working with Morpheus on plugins; providing a proven enterprise-grade solution for orchestrating the heterogenous ecosystem of VMware alternatives.

“Canonical and Morpheus are strengthening their engineering efforts to deliver secure, stable and flexible solutions tailored for the evolving needs of enterprises in the hybrid multi-cloud space. The combination of Morpheus’ unified orchestration platform backed by a future-proof open infrastructure stack, consisting of Canonical MAAS, OpenStack and Kubernetes, addresses efficiently the needs of organizations looking for cost optimization and digital sovereignty”, said Tytus Kurek, Product Manager at Canonical. “This collaboration supports Canonical’s mission to make open-source cloud technologies easier for enterprises to adopt.”

Canonical Logo


Enabling Platform Operations from Edge to Cloud

Underpinning these programs and partnerships is the release of Morpheus v7.0, bringing several significant enhancements to the platform including:

  • Morpheus Hybrid Cloud Cluster Manager improvements to enable simple provisioning and management of Morpheus and third-party Kubernetes distributions; updates include wizard driven cluster creation and role-based access controls.
  • Morpheus Distributed Worker updates including enhanced communication relay and execution workspaces to allow orchestration across private datacenters, public clouds, hosted environments, and near-edge locations from a single platform.

To learn more about how Morpheus can help your organization request a personalized demo and cloud management assessment.



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