Build vs. Buy? theCube looks at Hybrid Cloud Platform Operations

By: Zuzu Wheeler

Let’s face it… IT is complex and things are only getting worse as you compound things with vendor landscape changes and skills gaps.

The data shows that Enterprises need to automate workload provisioning to enable their developers; just look at the rise of platform engineering and PlatformOps.  Unfortunately, how to go about it isn’t so black and white. As the cloud operating model has become a standard over time, so has the reality of multi and hybrid-cloud complexity; add-in new application formats, and vendor acquisitions galore… many IT leaders are stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place.

We recently stopped by the SiliconeAngle/theCUBE headquarters in Boston to chat with our friend Rob Strechay about hybrid cloud platform operations, the recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, and the build-vs-buy dilemma for orchestration tooling.


Hybrid Cloud PlatformOps – State of the Market

When Morpheus started, ‘platform engineering’ wasn’t even a thing… most developers just sat angrily waiting for IT to do their job or they would embrace shadow IT and just bypass controls via the public cloud.  Fast forward to today and platform thinking for developer self-service is all the rage.  It took a while for Enterprises to embrace the cloud operating model and bring Dev and Ops together but the time has come to evolve to what’s next…  a unified approach to hybrid cloud platform operations.


Mitigate Risk from the Broadcom Acquisition of VMware with Morpheus

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has had the IT world in a tizzy. Some folks are excited (by some we mean the preferred customers that Broadcom seems to vie for when they acquire other companies), but most customers are worried about their virtualization estates and have seen ELA renewal fees jump by a sizable percentage.

But Brad is right – we love VMware.  For those sticking with the status quo, we can turn vSphere into the private cloud it always wished it could be.  For those who want to explore alternative strategies, gain flexibility, or even move hypervisors altogether, we can also help. It’s a win-win whatever you decide to do.


Looking at the Build vs. Buy Question

As mentioned previously, all signs for IT are pointing towards platform thinking which raises the question… which platform?  Hypervisor specific platforms like Aria/vRA are clearly on the way out but many customers have explored a DIY approach using open-source technologies like Ansible and Terraform.  While building your own home-grown platform is an option if you have hundreds of developers and millions of dollars, most Enterprises realize that commercial platform frameworks such as Morpheus deliver the best of both worlds.

Morpheus helps teams get 80-90% of the way to their end state out of the box, but with full extensibility, so teams can bring their tools and processes to assure a perfect fit for unique enterprise needs.  SiliconAngle interviewed several customers who wrestled with this same question and turned the data into a Build vs. Buy value assessment you can download here.


“Work smarter, not harder” is a philosophy we fiercely stand by as is “use the right tool for the right job” and Morpheus allows IT teams to do just that.  If your team is sitting at the intersection of on-prem infrastructure and public clouds as well as developer toolsets and operations processes then we should talk.  With integrations into VMware, Nutanix, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, ServiceNow, Ansible, Terraform, and dozens of other technologies we’re sure to fast track your platform operations projects and give you the freedom to provision your workloads into any cloud, your way.

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