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Morpheus product review highlights

Morpheus Data 5-star product review

“The Best Cloud Management
System I Have Worked With”

“Its multi-platform compatibility allows us to manage all of our cloud infrastructure in one place regardless of the devices vendors, which simplifies everything when it comes to gathering data and data analysis. We have also been able to implement new technologies and innovate the way the processes are handled in the company. In simple terms this one of the best decisions we have made.”

Gartner Peer Insights Morpheus 5-Star Product Review

“Great Platform, With
A Great Company Behind It”

“Morpheus has been a great partner. The deployment and then adoption of their platform at our company has gone very well. We brought it in to help bring cloud capabilities to our on-premise infrastructure and it integrates well with many other platforms, including ServiceNow and Infoblox.

We now have multiple teams working in it. Each team is able to maintain ownership of their own workflows, but the teams are also able to share components among themselves. This has help create a culture of collaboration, which was sorely needed.”

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“Implementation Was Simple.
Just As Advertised And More!”

“Morpheus as a company prides themselves on listening to their customer and providing an innovative solution that not only meets the needs of the customer but also the needs of the ever changing technology industry. The addition of clouds is easy. Once the cloud is added, management is at your fingertips. I like the integration abilities of various products and technologies. “

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Morpheus Product Review - Hybrid Cloud Delivered

“Hybrid Cloud Delivered With Morpheus”

“Support has been great and Morpheus is always responsive on their product roadmap. The speed at which we were able to get our private and public cloud resources connected was mind blowing. We purchased Morpheus to enforce governance and showback for our operations and we had cost reporting working in the first day. We really appreciate that Morpheus allows us to discover all of our private cloud resources so that we can have a single cloud portal.”

“Morpheus Is The Easy Button
To Automated Server Deployments”

“Morpheus was brought in as a replacement for VMware vRealize Automation for automating the build of Windows and Linux VMs in our Data Centers. We were able to get automated builds going in a fraction of the time it took to get vRA going with integrations into our IPAM, Service Desk and Inventory management tools that we were never able to accomplish with vRA.

The Morpheus team has been incredibly helpful in answering questions that came up along the way and have been very open into including our needs into their development roadmap. As a result of deploying Morpheus we are able to deliver systems ready to go to our users in minutes instead of days.”

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