Morpheus Service Catalog Enhancements

By: Morpheus Data

Service catalogs continue to be a key feature that organizations look for as they evaluate ways to insulate development teams from infrastructure complexity. The Morpheus platform includes a service catalog that provides a simplified way for users to request IT resources in a self-service fashion. The 6.0.0 release of the Morpheus platform has added enhancements to the service catalog to improve the user experience.

In this blog post you’ll learn more about the service catalog updates and enhancements.

Service Catalog Categories

As the number of items in the service catalog grows, there’s a need to make it easier for users to find available items. This release adds support for assigning a category to catalog items which can then be used to filter the list of items displayed in the catalog. The image below shows an example with the catalog being filtered based on the maintenance category. The category selector is a typeahead field that presents the user with a list of available categories to filter by.

service catalog categories

Adding categories from an administrator’s perspective is done by adding or updating the category on the catalog item. A new typeahead field for Category is available when creating and editing catalog items.

service catalog item categories configuration

Service Catalog Persona Permissions

The service catalog persona allows users to be presented with a simplified service catalog view for requesting infrastructure. One of the limitations in previous releases that has been addressed in this release is the ability to manage the full lifecycle of workloads from within the service catalog persona. Service catalog persona users can now be granted access to the full collection of operations for instances, apps, and automation executions.

service catalog instance permissions

Service Catalog Order History

The service catalog persona now includes an order history that provides a list of previously ordered items. This section of the UI replaces the inventory section which only included active items that were previously ordered. This now presents users with a complete history of items that they’ve ordered. This also includes the ability to order the item again as long it is still available.

service catalog order history

This release of the Morpheus platform includes several exciting new features and enhancements that provide a richer service catalog user experience.

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