Hit the Ground Running with Morpheus and Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

By: Morpheus Data

Public cloud is part of the development and deployment strategy for most businesses today, and increasingly more so as time goes on. Given its cost-effectiveness, ease of setup, and high availability, public cloud is here to stay. A common choices in this space is Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.

Morpheus CMP makes it easy to integrate an Azure subscription. Within minutes, existing workloads can be discovered, then inventoried and the journey toward self-service and effective governance begins. We can immediately begin configuring storage and networks for provisioning, and deploy brand new Instances from the vast service catalog included with Morpheus. Going further, we can create our own catalog items using custom configuration and leverage integrations for common DevOps automation tools.

We’ve recently added a guide to Morpheus documentation designed to show users how to quickly get started consuming Microsoft Azure using Morpheus. We take you through from a newly-installed Morpheus appliance, to integrating Azure cloud accounts, to provisioning and automation. It’s a perfect starting point whether you’re trialing the Morpheus Community Edition in your home lab or you’re managing Azure as one part of an enterprise cloud strategy. If you’d like to see it for yourself, request a live demo here!

Thank you to my colleagues who contributed to this guide:

  • Chris Bunge, Delivery Engineer
  • Nick Celebic, Customer Success Engineer

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