Clouds, Kubernetes, Terraform… and Flux Capacitors?

By: Brad Parks

I’m always excited when Steven Foskett and the Tech Field Day team schedule a Cloud Field Day event and this year was now different.  We’ve done 4 of them so far since I joined Morpheus nearly 4 years ago and each time, we have shared the Morpheus story and learned a lot from the independent voices represented by the CFD delegates. 

It has also been interesting to see the maturity of conversation change in that time with delegates, industry analysts, and most importantly customers. Delegates this year included a mix of backgrounds including Enterprise IT Practitioners, Engineers, Channel Partners, IT vendors, Trainers, Consultants, and Analysts.  Since the event on June 23rd we’ve seen some independent articles come out and I’ll do my best to update this post as more emerge.

I wanted to provide some context on the 4 different topics Morpheus covered during Cloud Field Day and give you a shortcut to check out the content.  They are around 20 min each but are full of no holds barred Q&A with the Cloud Field Day delegates and might be different than the typical content you expect from an IT vendor.

Session 1: Hybrid Cloud Management and Application Orchestration with Morpheus Data 

HINT: If the Back to the Future reference grabbed you then this is the place to start.

I presented this overview and introduction with Morpheus co-founder David Estes.  It covers the major Morpheus use cases for private cloud, hybrid cloud, infrastructure automation, and application orchestration. We reviewed customer examples and talked about emerging customer and market perspectives across private and public cloud. 

Session 2:  A technical intro and demo of the Morpheus platform

Overview demo by Dave Estes himself of the Morpheus hybrid cloud management platform.  We cover how to unify the cloud experience across VMware, Nutanix, AWS, Azure, GCP, and more. From basic VMaaS to full application stacks and day-2 automation. The session also features CFD alumni Martez Reed discussing the intersection of Morpheus with Terraform, Ansible, ServiceNow, and other adjacent technologies.

Session 3:  A Unified Approach to Clouds, Containers, and PaaS Services

The Venn diagram of cloud management, container management, and infrastructure automation is a pattern we’re seeing at enterprises around the world. This deep dive reviews features that simplify how organizations build, manage, and consume Kubernetes. We’ll discuss the value of an agnostic multi-platform control plane compared to pure-play stacks from VMware, Red Hat, and the public providers.

Session 4:  Cloudy with a Chance of FinOps – Hybrid Cloud Cost Management

Many first generation CMPs started and stopped with cost management.  While Morpheus has DNA in automation and orchextration, this session talks about how we’ve expanded to cover features for discovery, optimization, chargeback, and public-cloud invoice aggregation. We’ll review the latest features including the new custom report plug-in.

Closing with another big Morpheus Thank You to the Cloud Field Day (CFD) team.  If you’ve not followed these delegates on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social channels I encourage you to look them up and dig into their perspectives on enterprise IT:  Adam Fisher (@BonzoVT), Adam Post (@Semi_Technical), Alastair Cooke (@DemitasseNZ), Enrico Signoretti (@ESignoretti), Justin Warren (@JPWarren), Lino Telera (@LinoTelera), Max Mortillaro (@DarkkAvenger), Nico Stein (@NicoAStein), Paul Woodward (@ExploreVM), Ray Lucchesi (@RayLucchesi), Thom Greene (@ThomTalksTech), and Wences Michel (@WMichel)

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