Ace the Azure Expert MSP audit with Morpheus

By: Brad Parks

No matter the time or circumstance, being audited can be a stressful situation ‘ and that certainly holds true when you’re working to earn Azure Expert MSP certification.

Why go it alone? Team with Morpheus to ace the audit. While we’re not an audit company ourselves, our industry leaing CMP and field engineering team has helped many managed service providers (MSPs) breeze through the audit checklist items related to cloud management. We’re ready to help you. Here’s how.

Checking CMP boxes for Azure Expert MSP certification

Running through the key check audit points outlined in the Azure Expert MSP 4.19 section, Morpheus can meet all requirements 100% natively for six of the seven categories:

  • Service Request Management
  • Provisioning, Orchestration and Automation
  • Governance and Policy
  • Consumption Monitoring and Metering
  • Resource Utilization Optimization
  • Access Management

When it comes to the seventh category ‘ Service-Level Management and Monitoring ‘ Morpheus can use lifecycle management workflows as well as monitoring integrations with third-party tools such as Nagios, Splunk, DataDog, and others to automate the registration of resources with monitoring solutions.  Morpheus also includes a built-in service availability monitor that directly integrates with single or multi-tenanted ServiceNow to create and close tickets.

Moving beyond 4.19 – A stepping stone to more automation

While Azure Expert MSP certification does not guarantee that everything is automated for your users, it can nudge you down the path to get implementing a self-service portal, like what Morpheus provides. That creates a better experience for your users ‘ certainly better (and more efficient) than calling someone somewhere to ask for the services you need, then wait for them to be done.

In addition to helping prospective Azure Expert MSPs nail the criteria in 4.19, we can also provide capabilities in related audit categories.

  • 2.1 Azure Services:  Morpheus can be used to provision Azure services (and dozens of other clouds) and includes governance policy and access control.
  • 3.4 Adoption:  Morpheus can provision IaaS and PaaS services plus use our discovery, reporting, and automation to help in assessment, design, and re-platforming activities.
  • 3.5 Governance:  The Morpheus RBAC model and policy engine enables cost management, identity and security baselines, resource consistency, deployment automation, and more.
  • 3.6 Management:  Morpheus provides centralized logging, reporting, and alerting including integration into ITSM tools plus enable self-service backup/recovery and other operations.
  • 4.x Cloud Operations and Service Management:  Morpheus has built in monitoring and incident management, CMDB population, security services, and deployment for release management.
  • 5.5 Workload Optimization Tools:  Morpheus monitors consumption and provides clear reports as well as recommendations for optimization of their Azure environment.

If you are moving beyond Azure and want to provide fully automated self-service provisioning to tenants provisioning into other hypervisors and clouds then Morpheus may be your new best friend.  Our hybrid/multi-cloud support includes VMware (vSphere or vCD), Nutanix, AWS, Google, and more

According to our customers, here’s how we help

At the end of the day, Morpheus is about more than just checking those audit boxes. We can get you up and running fast ‘ and make sure that you’re connected in time for your audit. We can work with  you to not just meet but exceed the minimal viable product (MVP) requirements.

Over 30% of our total customer base is made up of managed service providers, including some of the biggest and best in the business.  MSPs like British Telecom (BT), Expedient, CDW, Exponential-e, Lumen Technologies, and more trust their hybrid-cloud service provisioning to Morpheus.

Customers have commented that ‘Morpheus offered the most complete tool to help pass the audit’ while noting that ‘Morpheus dramatically reduced the toolsets we needed in the process.’

Positive feedback earned during the pre-audit experience

Azure Expert MSP certification often includes a pre-audit test run to be conducted by an independent auditor. Some of us from the Morpheus team participated in the audit exercise recently with a new customer.

I wanted to share the feedback we got from the auditor, who continued to comment as he worked through the audit: ‘Wow, you have a lot of functionality with Morpheus that I’ve not seen from any of the other cloud management platforms. The abilities you have with other clouds are equally impressive.’

Within days, the independent auditors reached back out to us to learn more about the Morpheus CMP. This speaks volumes as to why Morpheus is the best CMP to help you earn Azure Expert MSP certification.

If you’re an MSP looking to get Azure certified ‘ and very eager to avoid the year’s wait if you don’t pass the audit ‘ please reach out to us today and learn how we can help.

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