Fast Track to Azure Expert MSP Certification

Morpheus is the best CMP for Azure MSP and CSPs

Morpheus meets more Azure Expert MSP criteria than any other CMP

Morpheus is the top ranked CMP in the industry and used by some of the best MSPs in the business.  We’ve helped many MSPs pass the audit checklist items related to cloud management and would love to help you.

4.19 Automated Cloud Management Platform (CMP):  Morpheus is the top ranked CMP in the industry and with multi-tenant features designed specifically for service providers we can eliminate the need for home-grown tools and brittle automation.

  • Service Request Management
  • Provisioning, Orchestration and Automation
  • Governance and Policy
  • Consumption Monitoring and Metering
  • Resource Utilization Optimization
  • Access Management
  • Service Level Management & Monitoring

In addition to helping prospective Azure Expert MSPs nail the criteria in 4.19 we can also provide capabilities in related audit categories.

2.1 Azure Services:  Morpheus can be used to provision Azure services (and dozens of other clouds) and includes governance policy and access control.

3.4 Adoption:  Morpheus can provision IaaS and PaaS services plus use our discovery, reporting, and automation to help in assessment, design, and re-platforming activities.

3.5 Governance:  The Morpheus RBAC model and policy engine enables cost management, identity and security baselines, resource consistency, deployment automation, and more.

3.6 Management:  Morpheus provides centralized logging, reporting, and alerting including integration into ITSM tools plus enable self-service backup/recovery and other operations.

4.x Cloud Operations and Service Management:  Morpheus has built in monitoring and incident management, CMDB population, security services, and deployment for release management.

5.5 Workload Optimization Tools:  Morpheus monitors consumption and provides clear reports as well as recommendations for optimization of their Azure environment.