Why CAMP Technology Will Solve All Your Cloud Problems

By: Morpheus Data

Managing systems in the cloud can be a complex process. Think about it: you have numerous administrative tools to master, servers to maintain, apps to keep running, and scaling that needs to happen — it’s a lot to manage, even with a team of pros (and we all know you’re probably short-staffed as it is).

The good news? The process doesn’t need to be as complicated as we often make it out to be. Using the right Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) tool can make your job much easier and save you a lot of time and money as well.

Potential Cloud Issues with Growth

How cloud computing matures. Source: The Data Center Journal.

Like the chart above shows, as your organization’s use of the cloud matures, the growth into an application-centric and then a business-centric cloud will require more and more administration, which requires more and more time from you and your IT staff.

Things can go astray pretty quickly without some way of simplifying all of the necessary tasks and maintenance items to keep everything running. There are countless problems you could run into. Let’s take just one example.

1. You as an IT leader are swamped trying to do something for just about every department in the organization

2. Dev needs something spun up but can’t wait so they spin something up on their own 

3. You catch wind of the Shadow IT problem and have to spend even more time trying to track down all the errant systems 

4. Another request comes into IT but they are falling more and more behind every minute it seems 

5. Repeat.












Sound familiar? We thought so. This Shadow IT problem is becoming one of the most common problems IT leaders face in today’s fast-paced environment. But that’s just one possible problem facing IT leaders. So how do you solve all these problems?

Save Time with CAMP

A Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) solution can help you organize and streamline your cloud management, making it far easier for you and your staff to meet the increasing demands that come with growth.

Cue the shameless plugin…

We started Morpheus to help bridge the gap between IT and Dev and make the business side of cloud management simple. 

Morpheus’ User Interface. Source: Morpheus.

With Morpheus, you can provision apps and databases in real-time to public, private, and hybrid clouds and spin up databases, apps, environments and more with a few simple clicks. Additionly, database scaling is as simple as adding nodes when needed. With IT able to set up environments quickly, dev can begin working on new projects fast. This streamlining helps to alleviate the presence of Shadow IT, as the end user will not need to wait nearly as long for a new system. 

For the business side, Morpheus provides automatic logging, monitoring, and backups of your systems. You can determine the backup time and frequency to ensure you get the backups you need, when you need them. Morpheus takes care of infrastructure, setup, scaling and more, and sends you alerts when your attention is needed. What does that mean? It means you get part of your life back. Imagine having more freedom to take care of the slew of tasks that have been heaped on your shoulders?

We think it’s an awesome tool that’ll solve your cloud woes but we want to know what you think. Click here to set up a demo and we’ll let you get your feet wet in the platform.