What’s new in Morpheus 5.3.0

By: Morpheus Data

We recently released version 5.3.0 of our industry leading Cloud Management Platform with a number of notable new features and improvements. This release includes a handful of improvements to the Azure integration and the Beta release of VDI with Morpheus. The full list of features and improvements included in the Morpheus 5.3.0 release are found in the release notes.

Azure Integration Enhancements

A number of enhancements have been made to the Azure cloud integration in this release.

Simplified Multi-Region Configuration

In the Morpheus 5.3.0 release, the Azure cloud integration now supports specifying all Azure regions instead of needing to individually specify each Azure region when creating a cloud. This simplifies the configuration as there are 30+ Azure regions that could be manually specified.

Morpheus 5.3.0 Azure All Region Support

Shared Gallery Image Synchronization

Previously, Morpheus Azure shared gallery images were not synced as part of the cloud integration synchronization process. Morpheus 5.3.0 now syncs images from shared image galleries and enables those images to be used for provisioning virtual machines.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) (BETA)

This release of Morpheus adds a new and exciting feature with the beta release of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This feature builds upon many of the existing capabilities within Morpheus such as machine provisioning and guest operating system access.

Morpheus 5.3.0 VDI Persona

Key Features

The VDI features included in this release are listed below:

  • VDI Pool Management
  • Virtual Desktop Persona
  • RDP/SSH/VNC Console Support
  • RDP Remote App Support
  • Clipboard Copy/Paste
  • HiDPI Support
  • Auto Compression Scanning based on User Bandwidth
  • Audio Playback (RDP) support
  • Local Printer (RDP) support
  • Auto-Resize
  • Auto-Login based on Morpheus User Settings
  • Customizable User Background

App Delivery

In addition to full desktops, individual applications such as Excel or even Doom are available to users.

Find additional information about Morpheus VDI here.

What’s coming in Morpheus 5.3.1

The next release of Morpheus (5.3.1) includes a number of exciting new features to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) integration, Kubernetes, Terraform and VDI.

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