Turducken, DevOps, and Unified Orchestration

By: Brad Parks

A portmanteau is a blend of words where parts of various words are combined into something new. This time of year as we approach Thanksgiving here in the States we get to see my favorite example – the Turducken. Variations on this engastration have been around for over a century. In fact, an old Indian story from the 1800s described what might be the ultimate in the genre ‘ “Prepare a whole camel, skinned and cleaned, put a goat inside it, and inside the goat a turkey and inside the turkey a chicken. Stuff the chicken with a grouse and inside that put a quail and finally inside that a sparrow. Then season it all well, place the camel in a hole in the ground and roast it.” ‘ thus was born the CamGoTurChikGroQualRow.

In the spirit of verbal mashups, I spent last week in San Francisco at the DevOps enterprise summit. It was a great event and good chance to meet and hear from @RealGeneKim, author and one of the patriarchs of the movement. DevSecOps, BizDevOps, DevCloudOps, and several other variations of silo elimination were on display at the event. While I was joining the other nerds in the search for DevOps enlightenment and for the best new sticker for my mac I ran across Torsten Volk, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. I attended a panel session with Torsten and afterward managed to steal a few minutes for a discussion.

Even though DevOps has been an active space for a while many of the enterprise customers at the show and the experts giving presentations echoed the common observation that most mainstream enterprises were only just barely scratching the surface. That was my first question for Torsten:


At Morpheus, we’ve been dealing first-hand with DevOps as a multi-cloud management tool and unified orchestration engine. AstraZeneca as an example was able to speed deploys from 80 hours in their VRA implementation down to just 10 minutes with Morpheus including full ServiceNow integration. Not everybody is that far along, many are just trying to get their cloud house in order so developers get what they need from IT without feeling the need to bypass legacy processes. On that note, in addition to the DOES2017 event, I was working with the team last week to launch our 3.1 software update’ you can check out the news here. Much like the Turducken, our new platform is the ultimate deployment mashup… combining cloud cost analytics, governance, app release automation, and multi-platform scaling. It’s why many large enterprises are making the switch to a unified approach.

I asked Torsten for his thoughts on scaling DevOps practices in the enterprise.

As mentioned at the start, it is Thanksgiving week. I’m thankful for the opportunity to jump into a new industry and make new contacts with customers, partners, and influencers. If you’ve got comments or would like to connect directly you can find me @MorpheusDude on twitter.