Solving a Hybrid Cloud Existential Crisis

By: Brad Parks

As a technology supplier, having happy hybrid cloud management customers is critical to long term success. We recently did a customer satisfaction survey and were thrilled that our support team received a Net Promoter Score of 89… WOW!

As a product marketing guy the only thing I probably like better than happy customers are happy and vocal customers…. Meet Bryan Sullins.

hybrid cloud management blog from Bryan Sullins

While case studies and videos are typical customer reference fare, I was excited when I found out one of our customers not only had his own popular blog, but that he’d spent time on a whole series of excellent discussions on automation in general and Morpheus in particular. Where else can you find out what happens when you cross Kierkegaard and Gene Kim…. I encourage you to go take a look at all his content but I’ve cherry-picked a few here to highlight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bryan didn’t ask me about his blog post and I’m not asking him about this one. His words are his own which is what makes this particularly re-post worthy (that said…. Bryan, if you object just shoot me a DM :))

The Four Stages of Automation for Infrastructure 

Not to be confused with the four horsemen of the apocalypse or the 5 stages of grief. Bryan has a great writing style and this piece goes from manual transmission to fully automated self-service and along the way deconstructs some myths around what is and is-not automation. Spoiler alert… the first 2 don’t count.

Part 1: Self Service VM Provisioning with Morpheus… Solving Some Existential Crises

In part 1 of 3, Bryan gives his view on, ‘why Morpheus?’ with some dark existentialism along the way. . . . he talks through the nightmare of humans creating VMs and takes us on a rant, and taught me a new acronym…. GAUCON.

. . . Hey there, Bryan . . . we are well . . . .

Part 2: Morpheus Level-Setting and Planning Out the Automation

Bryan is a self-described ‘process-oriented’ blogger so rather than jumping straight into the doing of the do this post is focused on the up front planning. And as Ben Franklin knows, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Now if only I could remember how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon.

But I digress… check out part 2 and get Bryan deconstruction of workflows, instances, and other Morpheus constructs. I really appreciated a non-fanboi version of this as sometimes I get too close to the subject.

Part 3: Let’s Do It!

Yippie Ki Yay! Time for screen shots, play by play walk through’s and some well written perspective on provisioning catalog items via Morpheus self-service. While I’ve done my share of demos and walk throughs of Morpheus in my 3 years here, I like his practitioners view of the how, what, where, and why of the platform.

  1. Morpheus UI Orientation.
  2. Uploading a vSphere Template as a Morpheus Virtual Image.
  3. Specifying Network/IP Pool.
  4. How to specify and run scripts.
  5. Assembling the Instance Type.

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