Morpheus Terraform Profiles

By: Morpheus Data

The recently released 5.4.0 version of the Morpheus platform includes an exciting new feature for users upgrading from the previous LTS release version (5.2.x) of the platform. The Morpheus platform supports the execution of HashiCorp Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to provision and manage cloud resources. Terraform profiles enhance the platform’s Terraform functionality by enabling administrators to assign cloud specific data such as account numbers, credentials and other Terraform variables to a Morpheus cloud.

Terraform Profiles Overview

Easily decouple cloud or environment specific metadata from a Terraform blueprint or instance type with Terraform profiles. The development and production AWS accounts in the diagram below each have a separate cost center associated with them. The Terraform blueprint uses the cloud specific cost center as a variable due to the Terraform profile associated with each cloud.

Morpheus Terraform profile architecture diagram

Creating a profile

Creating a Terraform profile is as simple as going to the cloud in Morpheus and adding the profile from the Profiles tab. Select Terraform Profile to open the Edit Terraform Profile dialog.

Morpheus cloud

Populate the Terraform profile with Terraform variables. The example below includes the AWS credentials for the cloud along with the account owner and cost center. Morpheus cypher, the native secrets store securely stores the profile data.

Edit Terraform profile dialog box

Once the profile has been saved it can be edited or deleted using the pencil icon. One thing to note is that each Morpheus cloud only supports a single Terraform profile.

Terraform profile cloud entry

A corresponding entry in the cypher store based upon the tfvars/profile/cloud/$cloudCode/variables naming convention is added for each profile.

Terraform profile cypher entry

With the profile added to the cloud, any Terraform blueprint or instance type provisioned into the cloud automatically has the variables injected at runtime. The addition of Morpheus Terraform Profiles unlocks the ability to easily consume reusable Terraform code.

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