Morpheus CMP awarded a Best of VMworld for Agile Operations and Automation

By: Brad Parks

On the plane back from VMworld US 2018 I was exhausted after 6 days in Vegas but also so excited I couldn’t sleep. Multi-Cloud Orchestration and DevOps Automation was definitly a hot topic and while Morpheus may not yet be renting out the ultra-lounge and hosting thousands of attendees, we did have a breakthrough couple of weeks.

Prior to the event, we announced major updates to our next-generation cloud management platform (CMP).’ With v3.5 in July, we added SDN, Storage, and Automation features to help customers:

  • Simplify networking with VMware NSXand phpIPAM
  • Assure service levels with the Zerto IT Resilience Platform
  • Scale IT automation with Ansible Tower and Ansible Vault

Taking home the Gold

Morpheus Data is honored to have our multi-cloud management platform receive a Best of VMworld 2018 U.S. award for Agile Operations and Automation.’ These awards recognize the most innovative new products in the virtualization and cloud market.’ 75 products were judged by the vExpert and Editors at TechTarget on innovation, ease of integration into existing environments, and ability to fill a market gap.’ We want to give a big ‘THANK YOU!’ to TechTarget and the entire VMware community for this recognition.

To win the Gold Award, Morpheus was compared against many disruptive solutions’ that help operations teams deploy and support apps, as well as those products that monitor, track and manage workloads either in on-premises servers or in cloud environments, or that enable the migration of workloads across cloud platforms

Why did we win?

Businesses are bringing more software development in-house, yet traditional IT organizations are overwhelmed by modern application lifecycles and hybrid cloud management.’ It often takes 40 hours or more for IT to fulfill service requests due to complex handoffs between teams, tools, and processes.

As a 100% infrastructure and platform agnostic orchestrator, Morpheus provides IT Ops and Developers fully self-service and automated provisioning of bare metal, VM, and containerized instances (IaaS/CaaS), as well as full app stacks (PaaS), deployed into in virtually any cloud (on-prem and off).’ Morpheus doesn’t replace best-in-class products customers already have for various functions but does provide a unified control plane to bring those tools under management and enables IT to deliver resources to developers in minutes instead of days.

Plus, with over 75 third-party integrations shipped ‘out-of-the-box’, Morpheus can be up and running in under an hour with near-instant connections into virtually every cloud, platform, and app lifecycle tool found in enterprise IT shops.’ Full list available at’ The service catalog ships with 50 of the most popular app components to get customers started as well as a built-in image creation/conversion tool and sophisticated blueprinting engine for custom catalog items.

It’s about people and process as much as tools and tech

For your multi-cloud orchestration and DevOps automation projects to be successful, you’ve got to address the basic needs of all stakeholders. Many tools in this space appeal to just one or two and as a result, they are never truly embraced and deployed widely.

  • For Infrastructure teams, we standardize management across what would otherwise be a heterogeneous mix of disconnected cloud platforms and tools plus we expose native cloud services, so you are not stuck with ‘least common denominator’ features.’ Morpheus also provide a simple GUI on top of tools such as Ansible, Chef, Salt, Puppet, HashiCorp Terraform, Packer, etc.
  • For Developers, we provide a robust API/CLI with over 450 commands, so teams can ‘bring their own tools’ and accelerate app modernization.”Teams can tie into Jenkins and Git for code deploys as part of CI/CD pipelines. Our multi-tier and multi-cloud blueprints provide our native JSON/YAML DSL or support Terraform and Microsoft ARM templates for Infrastructure as Code.
  • ForBusiness teams, we provide optimization via machine learning based analytics and cloud brokering.’ The solution provides a detailed audit log and centralized multi-tenant role-based access for security and compliance.’ Morpheus also supports native approvals, expirations, and workflows as well as deep integration into ServiceNow so teams don’t need to learn anything new.

Don’t worry if you missed us in Vegas.

We’d love to hop on the phone and learn more about your multi-cloud management challenges and set up a tailored demo for your use case. From there a PoC deployment at your site is an easy next step… we’ve had some of the largest enterprises in the world up and running in production in under 60 days. Just check out this case study on AstraZeneca.

Can’t wait to see you in Barcelona!

As for VMworld itself, hundreds of #cloud and #DevOps heroes are sporting a new outfit.’ We even spotted a number walking around the show.’ You know you hit a home-run when folks wear your swag instead of what they packed from home’ forget Maximum Effort and embrace Maximum Agility!