Configurable API Token Lifetime

By: Morpheus Data

Automation has become a primary focus for enterprise organizations as a means to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. A common aspect of automation is making API calls to an external system or platform. The Morpheus platform provides a REST API for managing and interacting with the platform in a programmatic manner. An API token is typically used to authenticate to Morpheus via the REST API. The 5.5.3 release of the Morpheus platform enhances the usage and management of the API tokens by adding support for configurable API token lifetime.

In this blog post you’ll learn how to configure the lifetime of default and new tokens.

Modifying Existing OAuth Clients

The validity interval for existing clients can be modified to update the default interval from 1 year to a period that’s either shorter or longer. This can be accessed from Administration > Settings > Client and by clicking on the pencil next to the existing client that you want to modify.

Creating New OAuth Clients

In addition to modifying the validity interval of existing clients, new clients can be created. The new clients will appear as available options when generating a new access token.

Configurable API token lifetime new client configuration

New API keys can be generated through the User Settings section of the Morpheus UI by clicking on the API Access button towards the bottom of the page. In the example below, the token generated for the morpheus-demo client has an expiration date of 30 days in the future instead of the default of 1 year.

Generated API token liftime

REST API Support

The Morpheus REST API can also be used to configure the lifetime of an API token. The API supports the standard CRUD operations for managing clients.

REST API OAuth client management

The ability to manage clients along with the lifetime of the tokens allows organizations to align with the security practices for API token lifetime defined by the organization.

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