Cisco’s Cliqr Acquisition = Bad for Enterprise – Good for Morpheus

By: Morpheus Data


On March 1st, Cisco Systems announced that they will be acquiring a Cloud Management Platform called CliQr Technologies for $260m.


A week later, David Linthicum of Info World released this article stating that the CliQr acquisition is bad for enterprises:


The reason is that Cloud Management and Orchestration Platforms should be vendor neutral in order to maximize value for multi-cloud organizations. 


The whole purpose of Cloud Management Platforms is to give companies the flexibility to build distributed systems and deploy applications to whichever cloud or infrastructure is best for a given app.


It’s unlikely that Cisco will absorb CliQr and continue to support features that allow customers to easily move away from Cisco products.


Luckily, enterprises still have Morpheus as an option:


Morpheus and CliQr often come up in the same conversions, though there are some important differences.


Primarily, Morpheus utilizes a modern, container-based architecture, which provides the flexibility needed to manage non-VMware systems.


Morpheus is the only platform that’s completely infrastructure agnostic. It’s equally adept at managing everything from AWS and Azure to legacy and bare metal hardware.


You can learn more about the differences between Morpheus and Cliqr here:


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