Calling all partners: Join the CloudOps and DevOps revolution to tap into the Big Spiff

By: Brad Parks

I’ve spent the last few months since I joined Morpheus talking to the channel community and some patterns are emerging that I wanted to share. For customers, this blog is not for you’ no offense but I’m speaking to the sales guys and business principles who are the engine of the tech industry. The ones who enterprises around the world lean on to help knit together the often-brittle world of technology components which in turn power today’s digital economy.


Here is the movie’ I’ve now seen a dozen times:

  • Bob’s house of IT has built a solid business over the last decade selling and deploying Servers + VMware along with SAN Storage and Networking to go along with it.
  • Unfortunately, what was once a very profitable and high growth business is slowing down big time. Hardware margins have been shrinking as those platforms become commoditized and specialist level administrators and buyers inside enterprises are on the decline. This is great news for customers but requires a pivot for partners.
  • Options to expand revenue include embracing HCI and Converged Systems, getting more creative on financing, increasing services attach, and otherwise getting more value out of those infrastructure relationships. All good plays that smart partners are already pursuing but not long term game changers.


Growing with multi-cloud management and unified orchestration

Best-in-class partners are actively pivoting hard to adjacent technology stacks and project centers to continue the trusted advisor relationship they have built over the last decade. Two of the fastest growing and most profitable adjacencies are clearly Cloud and DevOps transformations. These two are inexorably linked, of critical importance to most enterprises, and incredibly difficult for those enterprises to deliver on. In fact, as the image illustrates there is a systemic gap between business expectations and IT’s ability to deliver.


The complexity of optimizing multi-cloud environments, automating self-service workloads across clouds, and accelerating the velocity of application deployments across legacy or micro-services architectures is a multi-billion-dollar market growing at double digits. The feedback we routinely hear from partners about Morpheus is not only how it helps simplfy and automate those enviornments but also how it can be the sales ‘glue’ that holds the environment together. Our industry-leading set of integrations enables us to play well with others but help round-out functionality that customers need to go the last mile in their transformation projects.


Go Big or Go Home

We were excited to host our first global sales kickoff and MVP (Morpheus Verified Professionals) boot camp this week. We had dozens of solutions architects representing our gold-tier partners from as far as Germany, China, and across the US. We’ve also had more seven-figure deals this past quarter than ever before.


As part of the event, we’re announcing ‘the Big Spiff‘ for any partner that can help close $2.5M in business by the end of August. The objective of the Big Spiff is to drive the organizational transition and incremental focus on Cloud/Software sales as traditional HW business continues to erode. While we’re not sharing all of the specifics in this public forum we’re sure that the magnitude of this rebate on top of existing best in class margins will more than double what you’re getting in traditional businesses. Please contact us if you’d be interested in becoming an MVP and learning more about the 2018 incentive program.