NEWS: Morpheus Data Expands Multi-Cloud DevOps Automation and Enables MSPs

By: Brad Parks


Industry’s broadest set of integrations provides unified orchestration and self-service provisioning for hybrid IT

Greenwood Village ‘ April 26, 2018 ‘ Today, Morpheus Data announced updates to its cloud management platform which will help customers reduce tool sprawl while getting more value from existing investments.

News highlights:

  • Enhanced automation for Kubernetes, Terraform, and Microsoft ARM
  • New and enhanced cloud connectors for Oracle, Azure, and T-Systems
  • Increasing momentum with managed service providers

The cloud management platform (CMP) market has evolved in recent years with narrow feature sets giving way to providers who address heterogeneous environments and broad issues including cost optimization, secure self-service provisioning, data protection, and day-2 operations such as logging and monitoring.’ Now, customer needs are expanding to include DevOps initiatives.

According to recent Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research 71 percent of enterprises are leveraging automation as part of IT modernization projects.’ ‘Declarative automation, as found in technologies like Kubernetes and Terraform, is the best way to abstract apps from infrastructure but exposes skill gaps between developers and infrastructure teams’, says Torsten Volk, managing research director at EMA.

The Morpheus unified multi-cloud orchestration platform combines simple and standardized cloud management with application-centric DevOps automation giving it a unique opportunity to bridge this gap.’ Today it extended its lead with several tool and cloud enhancements which expose developer-friendly features with ops-friendly interfaces.

‘Traditional infrastructure-centric CMP offerings have stopped short of truly addressing DevOps needs,’ said Brad Parks, VP of Business Development, Morpheus Data.’ ‘With Morpheus, everybody gets what they want ‘ developers, operations, and executives all get to manage their hybrid cloud their way.’

Enabling greater developer agility with automation enhancements

Speed of application deployment is driving adoption of automation and container technologies such as Kubernetes (K8s).’ However, EMA research indicates less than 10 percent of enterprises plan to leverage Kubernetes in its raw form, without commercial management software on top.’ That’s because maintenance of these tools falls to infrastructure teams without the right skills.”In fact, 43 percent of enterprises list integration with existing tools and skill sets as the number 1 requirement for adoption of containers[i].

Morpheus helps customers meet this requirement with powerful infrastructure-as-code application blueprints which are completely infrastructure and cloud agnostic, blending the power of declarative scripting with an intuitive graphical interface (GUI) designed for everyday administrators needing a single point of control.”Morpheus also helps corporate IT extract the most value from K8s by enabling teams to easily deploy and manage K8s alongside other technologies.

With today’s updates, customers can now utilize native K8s scripting as part of Morpheus workflows.’ This announcement also extends Morpheus’ own JSON/YAML scripting framework to third-party infrastructure-as-code platforms starting with HashiCorp Terraform and Microsoft ARM.’ All of these new integrations enable customers to leverage the full power of third-party tools while consolidating analytics, reporting, governance, monitoring, logging, and data protection across all clouds in an easy to manage interface.

Giving infrastructure teams more flexibility for multi-cloud and hybrid IT

In addition to automation, Morpheus reduces complexity by helping customers standardize app-stack deployment across any public or private cloud both on-premises and off.’ This balance of standardization and flexibility is critical given that 68 percent of enterprises are pursuing a multi-cloud strategy[ii].

The latest Morpheus software release brings more multi-cloud options including support for Oracle customers running hybrid IT operations across Oracle VM and Oracle’s public cloud offering. Morpheus also augmented its native scaling engine for customers who want to utilize native Microsoft Azure Scale Sets in Azure and AzureStack deployments.’ For customers in Europe, the company added integration with T-Systems Open Telecom Cloud which blends public-cloud flexibility with private-cloud compliance.’ These updates are on top of what is already the broadest set of cloud connectors in the industry.

Increasing momentum with MSPs and technology partners

As the digital transformation landscape continues to accelerate, organizations are recognizing the difficulty of managing an increasingly unpredictable array of cloud options and automation technologies.”Getting it right can mean a significant investment in tools, education, training and skill development.

This is why many enterprises are turning to managed service providers to fast-track transformation projects.’ In fact, according to recent research, the global market for managed IT services is growing at 11.5% CAGR and expected to exceed $250 billion by 2021[iii].

Joining the Morpheus family of MSPs is Exponential-e, a leading provider of high-speed connectivity and managed application services for over 2,800 customers in the United Kingdom. In combination with Pivotal and Dell Technologies, Exponential-e has selected Morpheus as the core enabler for its innovative cloud services.

‘To create a truly unified service experience, you need to harness the power of a multi-cloud and software-defined operating model’, says Jon Bridges, Head of Cloud for Exponential-e. ‘Morpheus will help us orchestrate on-premises, private and public cloud services for our customers so they become next-generation internal service providers.’

Morpheus enables internal IT to simplify service delivery and abstract the complexity of underpinning infrastructure and vendor-specific IaaS and PaaS interfaces.’ Morpheus is not only 100 percent infrastructure and platform agnostic it’s also multi-tenant and supports white labeling, enabling solution providers to deliver hosted multi-cloud orchestration for their customers.’ Exponential-e joins MSPs such as OneNeck, Technologent, Telia, and Ficolo who already utilize Morpheus to power their cloud service offerings.

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About Morpheus Data, LLC

Morpheus Data, LLC is the entity behind the Morpheus unified orchestration platform, the only enterprise software solution to provide a systematic approach to cloud optimization, multi-cloud governance, DevOps automation, and application modernization. As a one-hundred percent infrastructure and platform agnostic solution, Morpheus provides IT Operations and Developers fully self-service and automated provisioning of bare metal, VM, and containerized applications running on-premises or in the public cloud.’ With more built-in integrations and native functionality than any other platform, customers can standardize workflows and reduce tool sprawl while orchestrating existing tools to protect investments.

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