Fast and Reliable
Cloud Management

on premise to cloud diagram

On–Premise & Cloud Migrations

Morpheus helps you avoid the complexity of cloud migration and the headache of cloud lock. Literally within minutes, you can move complete application stacks between clouds, into any cloud or back to on-premise infrastructures.

self service portal diagram

Self Service Portal

Rapidly provision databases and applications across on-premise servers, public, private, and hybrid clouds. Users can spin up new database instances or any component of the application stack with a single click. Role based access offers different views and permissions to different users.

service providers diagram

Service Providers

From day one, Morpheus was designed to make cloud management dead simple. Using an open API and full documentation allows you to integrate Morpheus with any service provider. And with full multi-tenant support, Morpheus helps you get more out of your cloud.

disaster recovery diagram

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Automatically scale and backup applications across multiple clouds. Backups are automatically executed for each new database or application and then stored locally or in the cloud. Users can also set up live mirror sites across hybrid clouds for instance recovery.

on shadow IT diagram

Shadow IT

Give developers the freedom to provision and manage applications on your data centers without losing control. Get full visibility into your infrastructure and easily keep track of how servers are being utilized. With Morpheus, its easy to setup IT policies across any infrastructure and apply them to users via roles and groups.

Mergers and acquisitions diagram

Mergers & Acquisitions

In M&As, IT infrastructure incompatibility is an unavoidable problem, requiring lengthy and costly integrations to overcome. Morpheus was built from the ground up to solve this very issue by being infrastructure and code agnostic. Easily combine legacy systems with cutting edge architectures and manage it from a single pane of glass.

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