Major New Features

Updated Dashboard
The default platform dashboard has been updated with a new modern look that includes new widgets and data visualizations.
Google Cloud Enhancements
The GCP cloud integration now supports provisioning instances using public images and custom machine types.
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Object Labels
Organize and filter Morpheus objects (i.e. – tasks, inputs, spec templates, etc.) using custom metadata labels.
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Service Catalog Enhancements
Deliver a richer service catalog experience with category filtering, full instance lifecycle management, and order history.
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New RBAC Permissions
Deliver a tailored user experience with new RBAC permissions for instances and automation that enable a streamlined interface for platform users.
Zone Pool Groups
Deploy workloads with greater intelligence (round-robin or capacity based) to the dozens of clouds supported by the Morpheus platform.
Dynamic Automation Targets
Execute ad-hoc and scheduled automation against workloads based on target metadata such as labels.
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New Plugin Providers
Build custom dashboards and add support for new backup or load balancer integrations using the new plugin providers.
Workflow Approvals
Scale self-service automation while maintaining the appropriate guardrails by requiring approval prior to the execution of a workflow.
Integration Migration
Native platform integrations such as IPAM, DNS, and others have been migrated to plugins to enable greater development agility.
Instance UI Updates
The look and feel of the instance detail page is updated to include enhanced metrics visualization, costing details, software inventory, and more.
Azure Agentless Guidance
Optimize Azure environments using guidance recommendations that can now be surfaced without the need for installing the Morpheus agent.


What’s New PDF

Learn more about the 50+ new features included in the 6.0 LTS release in this detailed PDF.

What’s New Slide Deck

Get the details on 6.0 LTS in these slides from the Morpheus Tech Brief launch webinar.

What’s New Webinar

Find out what’s new with 6.0 in this interactive Morpheus Tech Brief webinar with Q&A.

Release Cycle Updates

This release of the Morpheus platform introduces a new release cycle aimed at enabling Morpheus customers to receive valuable new features sooner. The schedule now includes the release of two LTS versions each year for customers that desire to stay on an LTS release. The schedule also introduces a regular monthly patching cadence for the Standard release of the Morpheus platform.

Learn more about the updates to the Morpheus release cycle in this KB Article.