Why is Morpheus the best multi-cloud management platform for Self-Service Provisioning?

By: Brad Parks

IT has gotten a lot more complex in recent years with moves from on-prem to public cloud; in fact, Gartner estimates that by 2021, 75% of Enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud strategy. One reason public cloud has grown so fast is that Enterprise IT consumers, both Operations and Developers alike need fast access to resources and love the self-service nature of hyperscale providers. Unfortunately, poorly governed cloud estates can bring added risk, cloud cost, and shadow IT problems.

Morpheus is a multi-cloud orchestration and automation platform designed to help organizations of any size increase efficiency and act more like a nimble and agile organization. We help bring the cloud experience on premises to platforms such as VMware and Nutanix while also standardizing and governing how teams access public clouds including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

At the core of the Morpheus platform is an extremely powerful self-service provisioning engine surrounded by all the capabilities one would need to manage the full hybrid IT application lifecycle. As the first in an updated series of Morpheus Minutes, I’ve put together a short video that walks through the self-service provisioning experience. And yes, you can do this exact same task via a full fidelity API or Command Line (CLI). Have a look.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”5-qm4uUn7QE” ]

So why do we think Morpheus is the best?

  • 80+ native third-party integrations so you can be up and running in under an hour
  • 100% agnostic with the broadest and deepest cloud support in the industry
  • Enables control without compromising access to cloud-native tools and services

If you’d like to read more detail on our approach to multi-cloud mastery check out this Morpheus white paper. Would you like a live demo of Morpheus? Go ahead and request one here. We’d love to spend more time helping you enable your self-service vision.

About Morpheus Data, LLC

Morpheus Data, LLC is the entity behind the Morpheus unified orchestration platform, the only enterprise software solution to provide a systematic approach to cloud optimization, multi-cloud governance, DevOps automation, and application modernization. As a one-hundred percent infrastructure and platform agnostic solution, Morpheus provides IT Operations and Developers fully self-service and automated provisioning of bare metal, virtual machine, and containerized applications running on-premises or in the public cloud. With more built-in integrations and native functionality than any other platform, customers can standardize workflows and reduce tool sprawl while orchestrating existing tools to protect investments.