What’s new in Morpheus 5.0

By: Brad Parks

Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you all safe and healthy.

Morpheus Data just released v5.0 of it’s multi-cloud CMP and with it comes a ton of exciting new capabilities.

In case you missed the News Release, please check it out here!

Below is a feature summary, and below that I’ll highlight a few of the cool and exciting new capabilities.

The Morpheus 5.0 release features the following:

  • Service Catalog Persona
  • An Invoicing UI (previously API and CLI only)
  • New Reporting UI and new reports
  • New cloud integration to Canonical Bare Metal as a Service (Canonical BMaaS)
  • Improvements to AWS Costing and Reporting
  • The ServiceNow plugin is now certified for the Paris release of the NOW platform
  • Many UI enhancements
  • Many API / CLI enhancement
  • And so much more. Check out the Release Notes on v5.0 for more details

Lets me touch on a couple of the bullets listed above.

Service Catalog Persona

This is a new persona designed to provide a simple shopping cart experience. Organizations want the ability to provide a real simple self-service application provisioning and automation experience to users with minimal input. With this Service Catalog person, ordering becomes a breeze, let’s take a look. Early feedback is that people love this!

From the Catalog page, order the services you want, and they get added to the cart. Review the order(s) from the cart, and Place the order. This will trigger the provisioning process.

Now view the services and applications you own in the Inventory page, and have the option to view the their details!

Obviously, the RBAC capabilities have been updated to assign the persona permissions, as well as the desired service and application blueprints.

Invoicing UI for the major public clouds

Previously available via API and CLI only, this now comes to life in the UI with v5.0. You’ll notice a new Costing menu that encompasses Budgets, Invoices, and Usage. In the Invoicing sub-menu option you are able to filter on the data in may different ways, and even dig into the individual invoices to view the line item details. Wanna see the historical costs, no problem, you get that too! Additionally, this page has the advanced filtering capabilities, so you can view the data as you like and export it as needed.

New Reporting UI and Reports

The Reporting UI gets a new and improved look and feel, and with it comes a number of NEW reports! Many business folks want reporting and analytics data. They want better visibility into what’s happing within their cloud environments, they want to seek out the areas that they can improve, and if / where they have savings opportunities.
Now you can also schedule a one time report run, or schedule recurring report runs.

These are just a subset of the excitng new changes. There’s so much more… Be sure to check out the Release Notes on v5.0 for more details

Morpheus 5.0 Resources

There’s a ton of new document content for the 5.0 release. Here are some highlights:

If you’d like to see a short video of some of the highlights of Morpheus 5.0, check out the following


Try the Morpheus Community Edition!

The Morpheus Community Edition lets you fully experience the Morpheus platform including nearly all features and capabilities! Register at Morpheus Hub and try it in your lab or test environment today!

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