NEWS: What’s new in Morpheus 4.2.3

By: Brad Parks

Good day to all.  I hope this post finds you all healthy and safe.

Morpheus Data just released v4.2.3 of it’s multi-cloud CMP.

The Product Management and Engineering teams continue to impress by always improving and extending the capabilities of the Morpheus platform.

The 4.2.3 release features the following:

  • Terraform 0.12 support
  • Additional NSX-t integration enhancements
  • Governance improvements
  • Azure Cloud integration enhancements
  • UI enhancements
  • API / CLI enhancement
  • And so much more.  Check out the Release Notes on v4.2.3 for more details

Lets me touch on a couple of the bullets listed above.

Infrastructure as Code extended support

Morpheus now supports Terraform 0.12.  Create Terraform blueprints in Morpheus to provision to Azure cloud.

NSX-t v3 Enhancements

NSX-t v3:  Create, manage, and delete NSX-t load balancers

These are just a couple of the new changes.  There’s so much more…  Be sure to check out the Release Notes on v4.2.3 for more details

Try the Morpheus Community Edition!

The Morpheus Community Edition lets you fully experience the Morpheus platform including nearly all features and capabilities! Register at Morpheus Hub and try it in your lab or test environment today!

Would you like a live demo of Morpheus?  Go ahead and request one here.

Have a great day!