What’s new in Morpheus 4.2.1

By: Brad Parks

Good day to all.  I hope this post finds you all healthy and safe.

Last week Morpheus Data announced the release of v4.2.1 of it’s multi-cloud CMP.  In case you missed it here’s the news post!

The Product Management and Engineering teams continue to impress by always improving and extending the capabilities of the Morpheus platform at a high pace.  Yes, they are super awesome!  I’ll point some of this out here, and I’ll highlight a few in a short video.  Give it a look.

The release features the following:

  • UI Design Updates
  • Additional Network Integrations
  • More Cloud Integration Enhancement (Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft SCVMM)
  • Workflow engine enhancements and more Git integrations for different task types
  • Additional Morpheus platform support and Service Catalog additions
  • ServiceNow integration and plugin support for the ServiceNow Orlando release
  • Added support for updated versions of 3rd party offerings like Veeam 10, and Puppet 6+
  • And so much more.  Check out the Release Notes on v4.2.1 for more details


Here’s the short video followed by some more details below.


Lets me touch on some of the bullets listed above.

UI Design Updates

We’re always looking to improve the user experience.  As a result, there are many UI improvements.  Below you will see the new color pallet.  This main menu also comes with improved navigation.


Advanced data filtering and custom views have been added to the instances page.  Often organizations want to look at the data in very specific ways.  They also want to be able to create customized views that are meaningful to them, and the ability to export this data right from this screen (in addition to reports).



Security Improvements

Security is the number one concern for most organizations.  With this release Morpheus has added VMware NSX-t support, and Unisys STEALTH support.  Deploy services with network security.




Cloud Improvements

There are many different cloud improvements, please see them in the release notes.  However, here I’d like to point out an Oracle Cloud enhancement..  For many public clouds we already expose the cloud services costs in Morpheus, and now Oracle Cloud has been added to this list.  Current, projected and cost trends are among the figures you will see.


Updated ServiceNow Plugin

Morpheus Service delivery from the ServiceNow service catalog.  The Morpheus ServiceNow plugin has added Orlando to the list of supported SN releases.

ServiceNow Morpheus App


Please remember there’s so many more changes.  Be sure to check out the Release Notes on v4.2.1 for more details

Morpheus is offering organizations a 60 day offer on self-service using Morpheus.  Take a look.

Would you like a live demo of Morpheus?  Go ahead and request one here.

Have a great day!