What is Data Logging

By: Morpheus Data

Data logging is one of the most important aspects of most IT pros. So, do you know what it is?


Data logging is often talked about as a helpful tool that you can use when trying to maintain your various servers, databases, and other systems that go into an application. So, what is data logging and what does it do that helps you maintain your applications more easily?

Data Logging Defined Generally speaking, data logging is the recording of data over a period of time by a computer system or a special standalone device which can be tailored to a specific use case. The recorded data can then be retrieved and analyzed to help determine if things ran smoothly during the time the data was being recording, and to help identify what happened if there were any issues that would be in need or further attention. Standalone data loggers are used in many familiar environments to gather information such as weather conditions, traffic conditions, wildlife research, and many others. These devices make it possible for the recording of data to take place 24/7 and automatically, without the need for a person to be present with the data logger. 

A data logger for a weather station. Source: Wikipedia.

For instance, when performing wildlife research, it can be beneficial to have such automated logging, as wildlife may behave differently when one or more humans are present. For the purposes of application monitoring, data logging records information pertinent to the maintenance of the infrastructure that is required for an application to run.

How Data Logging Helps With App Maintenance When maintaining apps, it is always helpful to know when and where something went wrong. In many cases, such logging can help you avoid problems by alerting you that an issue may arise soon (a server beginning to respond slowly, for instance). Data logging can also help you keep track of statistics over time, such as the overall uptime, the uptime of specific servers, average response time, and other data that can help you tweak your applications for optimum uptime and performance.

Morpheus and Monitoring

If you are looking for a monitoring system with excellent data logging and analysis reports, you should give Morpheus a try. With Morpheus, data logging is automatic as you provision servers and apps. Using the available tools, you can monitor the various parts of your system to keep track of uptime, response time, and to be alerted if an issue does arise.



The Morpheus interface is clean and easy to use. Source: Morpheus.

Morpheus also allows you to provision apps in a single click and provides ease of use for developers with APIs and a CLI. In addition, backups are also automatic, and you can have redundancy as needed to avoid potentially long waits for disaster recovery to take place. Sign up for a demo and we’ll let you try out Morpheus for free today