Using Morpheus to make Terraform Better

By: Brad Parks

Hi everyone!

The Morpheus CMP is all about centralizing multi-cloud management and governance. Furthermore, reducing application provisioning times, cutting cloud spend and accelerating your hybrid cloud journey. Yet another integration topic that comes up often is Terraform by HashiCorp. So how can using Morpheus make Terraform better, and together yield better business outcomes?

Terraforms Infrastructure as Code enables DevOps best practices. As a result, Terraform has gained a lot of popularity among developers and IT operations administrators. It does a great job with deploying infrastructure resources to public clouds. However, when spanning private and public clouds things get a little more complicated, and some challenges are presented.

We just put together a paper that discusses Terraform benefits, its gaps, and we get into how Morpheus and Terraform work together to take advantage of Morpheus’ strength with integrations and governance. We’ll also touch on how to setup and get started with this integration.

To learn more about this topic and the resulting benefits Download the whitepaper

Download the full whitepaper

A shout out to my awesome coworkers that helped contribute to this document. (Thank you Gents!)

  • David Estes, VP of Product Engineering
  • Adam Hicks, Field CTO
  • Brad Parks, VP of Marketing and Business Development

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