Using Morpheus to make Ansible better

By: Brad Parks

Good day everyone! Hope all is well and you are all staying healthy and keeping safe!

One of the biggest differentiating factors about Morpheus is its ability to quickly unify messy hybrid cloud environments. Deployment often only takes an hour or so due to our 80+ native integrations – See the integration guide here. One of the most popular integration topics of late is Ansible.

Ansible has quickly become one of the most popular configuration management tools in the market but since it was not born as a provisioning and governance engine it just makes sense that we’d see Morpheus and Ansible team up in dozens of very large enterprise accounts. Here’s an example of a recent case study.

To help those just starting out, we’ve put together a paper that discusses Configuration Management tool benefits and gaps, describes how Morpheus can make Ansible better, and covers step-by-step details of the Morpheus-Ansible integration to go well beyond basic configuration management.

Download the whitepaper to learn all about this integration and the resulting benefits.

Download the full whitepaper


I’d like to thank my awesome coworkers that have helped contribute to this document,

  • Anish Abraham, Solution Architect
  • Nick Celebic, Customer Success Engineer II
  • Adam Hicks, Field CTO
  • Brad Parks, VP of Marketing and Business Development

Thank you gents!


While Morpheus and Ansible are a tight integration, we know that we’re now living in a time of social distancing. So in the spirit of solutions enhancing each other, let us all do our part in keeping our global community safe. Please remember the following:

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  • Be safe!


Morpheus is offering organizations a 60 day offer on self-service using Morpheus. Take a look. Would you like a live demo of Morpheus? Go ahead and request one here.