Using Morpheus to establish control and policy enforcement in hybrid IT. Bring order to the chaos!

By: Brad Parks

Good day folks!

One of the biggest challenges that most organizations face is having to deal with the myriad of tool sets. These tool sets also often belong to different organizational silos or groups. This gets magnified as shadow IT pops up in most organizations as developers turn to public cloud for quick access to resources.

So the questions is: How does the Morpheus unified automation and orchestration platform help you establish control, build policies and bring order to to the chaos?

Once Morpheus CMP is installed, configured, and you have connected your on premises and public clouds. You are ready to take on the next step of governance.

The video below by Alex Harker – Knowledge Manager @ Morpheus Data touches on multi-tenancy and fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC) to establish order through policy enforcement.

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