Use Morpheus to integrate and optimize your brownfield environment. Go ahead, make my day!

By: Brad Parks

Good day everyone, hope you are all doing well and staying safe!

Organizations of all sizes are on a journey to adopting a multi-cloud strategy. As I speak to IT practitioners many of them are concerned about their brownfield environment, and how to bring that under management and control. In this blog and video, I’d like to touch on (and show) how you can leverage the Morpheus unified automation and orchestration platform to onboard your existing brownfield environments regardless of cloud, and how to optimize those environments too!

Bringing existing on premises or cloud environments under management is easy. The first step is to create cloud accounts for your cloud environments you want to onboard. Here you’ll have the option to discover existing workload instances. From there you can choose to bring those workloads under Morpheus management to take advantage of the capabilities, the policies, the governance, and the ability to perform ongoing day-2 production activities.

An important aspect of managing a multi-cloud environment is visibility, you gotta see it. Once you see it, you gotta be able to measure it. Once you measure it, you can manage it! So as part of integrating your existing cloud environments, you will gain that visibility, and you will be able to report on it. You’re going to be able to see performance utilization data, as well as costing data – yes across all your clouds. Now that you can measure it, you can manage it!

Another key area that Morpheus provides is rightsizing guidance and providing the associated cost savings from this guidance. Most Importantly the ability to click a button to execute on those recommendations to optimize and save.

Here’s a few minute video showing how to do this in the Morpheus platform.

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Oh, one more thing, Morpheus is offering organizations a 60 day offer on self-service using Morpheus. Take a look.

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About Morpheus Data, LLC

Morpheus Data, LLC is the entity behind the Morpheus unified orchestration platform, the only enterprise software solution to provide a systematic approach to cloud optimization, multi-cloud governance, DevOps automation, and application modernization. As a one-hundred percent infrastructure and platform agnostic solution, Morpheus provides IT Operations and Developers fully self-service and automated provisioning of bare metal, virtual machine, and containerized applications running on-premises or in the public cloud. With more built-in integrations and native functionality than any other platform, customers can standardize workflows and reduce tool sprawl while orchestrating existing tools to protect investments.