The Morpheus ServiceNow integration – Part 2 – Video

By: Brad Parks

Morpheus – ServiceNow Integration

Hi everyone!

I wanted to follow up on my blog from last week with a video to further show the Morpheus ServiceNow integration.

Here’s the recent blog and white whitepaper on this if you missed it.


The video shows the different integration use cases.  Many organizations take advantage of this integration today!

  • CMDB Integration.  Provisioned and/or updated resources in Morpheus result in CI records being created and/or updated in ServiceNow respectively
  • Approvals Integration.  Provisioned resources (from Morpheus, or triggered from ServiceNow) will require approval from ServiceNow
  • Incident Management Integration.  Incidents that open and/or close in Morpheus will result in opening and/or resolving incidents in ServiceNow respectively
  • Service Catalog Integration.  Have Morpheus instances and application blueprints presented in the ServiceNow Self-Service catalog for consumption by entitled ServiceNow users



Would you like a live demo of Morpheus?  Go ahead and request one here.

Wanna try the Morpheus Community Edition?

Download the Community Edition of the Morpheus platform.  The Community Edition includes the full Morpheus platform framework including all features and capabilities with some caveats.    Visit the Morpheus Hub site to register and request the community edition.

Stay safe, stay healthy!