The increasing importance of self-service and cloud in a time of mobile work

By: Brad Parks

Like many of you, my daily work schedule has been impacted by the introduction of a houseful of stir-crazy children living within an extended spring break that appears to have been extended even more. (As an aside’ how the heck do you home school people do it?)

I’ve had three separate conversations this past week that all point to massive delays in hardware shipments. One was with a customer, one with a channel partner, and one with a technology alliance.

In all cases, the focus was not on the global health discussion itself but more tactically the impact it’s having on global supply chains in high tech. Onboarding our own 4 new salespeople has been delayed by a month due to backlogs on laptops and source components from China and this supply chain impact is equally as evident in the shipping times for servers and storage from major hardware manufacturers.

Of course, the time to stand up new application services is not entirely in the realm of the physical. There are a multitude of handoffs and workflows that are being impacted by disconnected workers and teams now having to re-orient to a new way of working. The result is even longer wait times for service delivery. For many organizations, the delay in on-prem infrastructure deployments is increasing the demand for public cloud access.

What’s the answer?

Whether you are trying to embrace the principles of DevOps, dig out from a mountain of service request tickets, enhance business continuity plans, or just trying to find your way to better productivity in the face of a new normal, the need for automation and self-service is more important than ever.

The core design philosophy for Morpheus is grounded in self-service:

  • Self-service for Ops teams trying to manage increasingly complex infrastructure.
  • Self-service for Developers wanting to move from dev to QA to prod without waiting
  • Self-service for Line of Business owners that want to manage costs and compliance

We want to help you embrace self-service because if it wasn’t already a priority for you, it’s certainly a priority now that you’ve got teams scrambling to access resources.

The Offer: Sixty Days of Self Service

If you are looking to eliminate wasted resources, enable self-service private cloud, and control increasing use of public clouds we want to help. Simply send an e-mail to and ask about our Sixty Days of Self-Service and we’ll fast track a PoC deployment.

1. Send us an e-mail with your information –

  • Company name and URL
  • Company location
  • Primary Contact e-mail for the trial owner

2. We’ll issue a trial license and resources to help deploy up to 250 instances

3. Leverage these resources to learn from other users and answer common questions

  1. Documentation
  2. Reddit forum
  3. Support knowledgebase

We’ll commit to getting you up and running quickly with 60 days free access to Morpheus, the Leading multi-cloud management platform for self-service cloud provisioning, cloud brokering, and cloud governance. Once the license is issued, the initial install can take under an hour so you can have a full self-service hybrid cloud same day.

Don’t believe us? Check out what Gartner had to say in this year’s MQ and then take us up on the offer. Or you can request a demo to better understand if we can help with your current situation.