Taxicab Confessions from AWS re:Invent 2017

By: Brad Parks

What’s better than a week in Vegas? Two weeks’ maybe that’s 12 days too many but hard to say when you are surrounded by so much great content and so many fantastic people.

I’m half-way through my Vegas marathon with AWS behind me and the Gartner Datacenter show coming up. It was my first #reinvent and WOW’ more people, vendors, sessions, and energy than any tech conference I’ve been at in recent memory.

While the logistics of handling a show that spread out across the vegas strip my have tested the limits of what’s possible it was still a very positive experience. I met some new members of the Clouderati and found some others who should be great contacts as I continue my new adventure at #CloudBeers’ Thanks to @Stu for introducing me to good times at #CloudBeers with @Julian_Wood, @jpwarren, @tcrawford, @amber_rowland and others. Also did a great man on the street video and had conversations with @evankirstel plus caught up on all things storage with old friend @ChrisMEvans.

Some good recap blogs have already come out from a few. Check out the re:invent posts from SiliconAngle with videos from Furrier and team as well as daily details from Julian Wood ( on

For my part I was able to catch a ride to the airport with my new Morpheus BFAM, Adam Hicks and captured some recap thoughts while on the road. Take a look and send me your thoughts @MorpheusDude (will have to work while I keep working on getting comments enabled on this site).