Social Distance how about Vendor Distance!

By: Brad Parks

In the span of a week, Morpheus has had the CEO of a $10B company personally step in to try and interrupt a big deal AND we’ve had a recently funded upstart spreading FUD (fear-uncertainty-doubt) all over the place with zero factual basis.  You both know who you are so shame on you… but i’ll take it as a compliment.

With back-to-back Leadership acknowledgements in the Gartner Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Magic Quadrant and high scores in 3 of the 4 Gartner CMP Critical Capabilities use cases, we now know what it’s like to have a target on our back.


Source: Vendor Product Scores for the Cloud Provisioning and Orchestration Use Case in the Gartner 2020 Critical Capabilities report for Cloud Management Platforms.













The multi-cloud management and automation space is particularly crowded with dozens of companies in adjacent domains’ CMPs, Infrastructure as Code, Container Management, Continuous Integration and Delivery.  It’s dangerous to be so close to each other nowadays…

To help assure we all have our 6-feet of space, I present some mythbusters for your consideration


1. ‘We get up and running faster than Morpheus’ ‘ MYTH 

I’ve run through the Morpheus install a number of times now.  It’s simple and it’s quick.  Once you have your desired Linux instance (CentOS, Red Hat, Debian) then it’s about 30 minutes to lay down the bits.  From there, it’s a matter of connecting to your desired cloud(s) ‘ this will take 5 minutes.  I often start out by connecting to a VMware vSphere environment and one of the major public clouds.  This is done by simply creating a cloud account and choosing if you also want to discover the brownfield resources.

No exaggeration, I’m going from hitting go on the install to deploying applications into vSphere and AWS in under an hour.   Integrating infrastructure technologies is a point and click form to get API URLs and Credentials.  This includes connecting to IPAM, Load Balancers, and more.

Point.  Click.  Go!  Try that with a messy network of plug-in vendors or an architecture where the answer to everything is a python script.  Not with Morpheus… we’ve got over 90 integrated technology components ready to roll.


2. ‘We have better VMware support than Morpheus’ ‘ MYTH

This one made me laugh when I heard it particularly given the source.  Let me list the VMware solutions that the Morpheus CMP supports and can be configured as cloud endpoints.  VMware vSphere (vCenter and ESXi) including the latest release of vSphere 7 and VMware Cloud Foundation including NSX as well as VMware Cloud on AWS.

But it doesn’t stop at the basics.  Morpheus supports VMware’s vCloud Director (and has for 2+ years), VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO), and vRealize Orchestrator to take advantage of any workflows you may have built there.  Morpheus can also connect directly to ESXi if a client would choose to.  Oh ya, we can even connect to VMware Fusion.

FYI, we won Best of VMworld in 2018 for Operations and Automation.  Here’s a related recent blog on VMware.

3. ‘Morpheus doesn’t support as many clouds as us’ ‘ MYTH

Are you kidding me’  Most other CMP’s support just a handful of clouds.  We support the largest number of clouds of any CMP I’ve come across.  For us it’s about giving our clients choice and flexibility to use any cloud they desire.  And our definition of cloud borrows from the classic NIST standard… it’s anything we can make elastic and on-demand.  Bare Metal, VMs, Container Clusters, PaaS deployments, and more…. Seeing is believing, here’s a screen shot plus a link to our integration doc for clouds.

4. ‘Morpheus can’t support true enterprise needs’ ‘ MYTH

Dozens of Fortune 1000 customers trust Morpheus including Financial Institutions, Pharmaceuticals, Telco’s, Government Agencies, Manufacturing, and more.  We also have Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with hundreds of tenants and tens of thousands of managed instances.   In fact we’ve got nearly 500,000 workloads under management globally with deployments in every continent.  Here’s a case study from one of our long-time customers who spend over a year and over a million dollars struggling with a legacy ‘enterprise’ vendor before finding Morpheus.

We also have Enterprise-Grade partnerships with some of the best in the industry including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nutanix, Zerto, AWS, Azure, Technologent, Trace3, CDW, and dozens more.  More on our Partner Page.

Remember that Big isn’t always Better and Loud doesn’t always mean Leader (thanks Tina!).

5. ‘Morpheus isn’t as simple to use‘ ‘ MYTH

One person’s simple is another person’s complex so this one can be subjective.  Making something simple actually requires a good understanding of the complexity that it takes to get there. Morpheus offers a slick graphical user interface (GUI) that  unifies the myriad of tools organizations have on-premises and brings them together with any public clouds to provide a cohesive orchestration and automation experience.  Manage all your clouds the same way so you don’t have to learn 5 different ways to do the same thing.

For the non-Developers out there, you can create push button application items with zero options exposed.  This would get you one-click provisioning with totally locked down role-based access into a single cloud.  It’s about as simple as you can get…. just look at this video from Morpheus field delivery superstar Chris Bunge!  He took it one step further.[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”ri5P87DlSrQ” ]

But for many the GUI is not their preferred method to interact with an automation platform, which is why Morpheus also has a full-fidelity API/CLI with over 750 commands.  You can set an advanced developer loose on a multi-cloud YAML/JSON DSL to manage Infrastructure-as-Code, version code deployments, and pull automation tasks from GitHub.  With Morpheus, Developer needs are not an afterthought, they are a design center. </>

It’s up to you.  Your clouds, your way.


Interested in learning more?   Would you like a live demo of Morpheus?  Go ahead and request one here or join us on an upcoming Webinar.


Stay distant, safe, and healthy!