Quick Time to Value. Install, Connect, Provision!

By: Brad Parks

The Morpheus Platform provides quick time to value.  From installation to service delivery in a matter of minutes!

I took a few minutes and put together a short video to deploy the Morpheus Cloud Management Platform.  Furthermore, I want to show how simple and quick it is to perform the install, setup, connection to a cloud, and self-service provisioning from the out of the box pre-populated catalog.

I started with a Linux instance already deployed, then I performed the following steps:

  • Download the installer package (multiple flavors of Linux are supported)
  • Install the package.  Then run the “morpheus-ctl reconfigure” command
  • Launch the UI, and create the Master Tenant,  and Administrator account
  • Apply the license (License retrieved from the Morpheus Hub)
  • Create a cloud.  I connected to AWS
  • Provision two EC2 instances

From install to deploying AWS instances in under an hour.  Pragmatically, in an enterprise environment this will likely take you a little longer because there will be more planning involved.  There will be more integrations involving other cloud technologies.  Other infrastructure technologies integrations like DNS, IPAM, Configuration Management, ITSM, Networking, Backup, and more.  But in reality, it’s incredibly quick to recognize the value that Morpheus brings.  Additionally, numerous enterprises using the Morpheus CMP are up and running in hours and deploying services in a day, providing quick value!

Check out this time-lapse short video.

Want to learn more in installing Morpheus, click here!

Morpheus Community Edition

Download the Community Edition of the Morpheus platform.  The Community Edition includes the full Morpheus platform framework including all features and capabilities with some caveats.    Visit the Morpheus Hub site to register and request the community edition.

Morpheus is also offering organizations a 60 day offer on self-service using Morpheus.  Take a look.

Would you like a live demo of Morpheus?  Go ahead and request one here.

Be safe, and healthy!