Morpheus Accelerates Azure for Microsoft Service Providers

By: Morpheus Data

According to IDC, annual corporate spending on cloud providers will reach $100 billion by the end of the decade. Based on those estimates, millions of corporations will be looking for cloud management solutions in the coming years. Managed service providers are perfectly positioned to help those customers understand and adapt to a rapidly changing hybrid cloud movement.

But how do service providers, especially Microsoft Service Providers, who offer a lot of the same software, differentiate their offerings?

That’s where Morpheus comes in. Morpheus provides incredible value to end users by giving them a single pane of glass across Public Azure, CSP Azure, the anticipated Azure Stack, and most other public and private clouds, including VMware and AWS.

According to Jason Dance, Managing Director at BigTec, ‘It’s a keystone at the top of our solution stack, because without it, capitalizing on the software-defined, virtual IT cloud revolution risks being an expensive and time-consuming management headache.’

But the UK-based distributor isn’t the only one adopting a cloud agnostic management platform. Microsoft Service Providers love Morpheus because it brings all of their mission critical data into one, easy to consume place. In addition, customers gain control, visibility, orchestration, automation, and ease of use, while simplifying the management of an otherwise complex system.

The Morpheus Platform Provides:

-”” VM and container-based provisioning across all Microsoft Clouds

-”” Consolidated monitoring and access control

-”” Simplified security, compliance, and reporting

-”” Automated backup, recovery, and logging

In addition, Morpheus recently announced support for Microsoft Hyper-V, which enables users to deploy and manage virtual machines directly on Microsoft’s most popular hypervisor. Currently, Morpheus is the only container-compatible cloud application management platform to support native Hyper-V deployments.

When asked about the update, Pete Beecher, President of Morpheus Data said, ‘Microsoft is continuously innovating in the cloud and data center arena. Hyper-V and Azure are both fantastic products, but there’s no centralized management platform for service providers and their clients. Morpheus is that platform.’

With Morpheus as a customer-facing portal, a self-service platform becomes a new reality for MSPs, allowing them to compete with larger cloud providers.

Give your customers the speed and simplicity necessary to unlock the power of a truly hybrid cloud approach.

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