How to Use Morpheus to Quickly Enable a VMware Private Cloud

By: Brad Parks

Good day everyone, hope you are all doing well and staying safe!

Our recent blogs have highlighted how to increase speed and agility when managing multi-cloud environments.  Organizations of all sizes are embracing the elastic and on-demand nature of cloud computing, but the trick is to maintain frictionless delivery while also applying governance and control.  One of the most commonly used private cloud environments in the world is VMware vSphere.  However, I’m constantly surprised when at events with VMware customers that don’t realize how easy it can be to enable a VMware cloud on-prem.

Turning existing on-prem VMware environments into a full private cloud with Morpheus is easy and takes just minutes.  The first step is to create cloud accounts for the environments you want to onboard.  You’ll have the option to discover existing workload instances.  From there you can choose to bring those workloads under Morpheus management to take advantage of its self-service capabilities, the policy engine, governance, and the ability to perform ongoing day-2  operations.

One of my coworkers Alex Harker (Knowledge Manager) has put together a great document on how to get started with Morpheus to manage and automate the VMware private cloud.  This guide walks you through how to integrate your first VMware cloud, configure networking, prepare and consume images, provision instances, and get started with automation.

Download the Guide

To learn more about integrating a VMware Cloud and the resulting benefits download the getting started guide by Alex here




VMware Integrations

The Morpheus CMP has the broadest VMware integration of any cloud management platform.  It’s one reason why we were named Best of VMworld for Automation and Orchestration.  Out of the box integration with VMware includes VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS, vCloud Director, VMware Integrated OpenStack, vRealize Orchestrator, in addition to connecting directly to ESXi and VMware Fusion.  We can integrate with NSX-v and VERY SOON NSX-t integration will be available!

Because Morpheus provides multi-tenancy (without the need for other solutions to make it happen), you can take advantage of this to provide the tenancy requirements you have over the different VMware solution(s) integrated.  We have many MSP clients that do this today and have hundreds of tenants in some cases.

Furthermore, VMware is just one of the many Clouds that Morpheus can integrate with and manage.  Check out the list of clouds and integrations here.

Morpheus Community Edition

And now you can download the Community Edition of the Morpheus platform.  The Community Edition includes the full Morpheus platform framework including all features and capabilities with some caveats.    Visit the Morpheus Hub site to register and request the community edition.

Morpheus is also offering organizations a 60 day offer on self-service using Morpheus.  Take a look.

Would you like a live demo of Morpheus?  Go ahead and request one here.

Stay safe, and healthy!