How to Automate Nested Cloud Account Discovery with Morpheus

By: Morpheus Data

Morpheus is a powerful self-service platform that, among other things, easily on-boards public cloud accounts into a consolidated hybrid cloud environment. Integrating a new public cloud account, such as Amazon AWS, takes only a moment. Minutes later, Morpheus can have all existing cloud resources under management (if the user desires) and available for self-service deployment within the guardrails of Morpheus governance tools.

As organizations grow, the number of public cloud accounts may grow tremendously to the point where integrating each of them individually with a CMP becomes impractical. Additionally, manual processes are subject to human error. Cloud accounts may be missed, which makes resource maximization and costing show-back much more difficult.

We’ve recently published a white paper demonstrating a method to use Morpheus tools to automate this process. Using a Python script, it scans the accounts underneath an “AWS Organizations” umbrella and integrates any new accounts created or added on the previous day into Morpheus. This same example could be applied to Azure, GCP, or other clouds that support a nested account construct.

The paper is a practical example of many tools and technologies coming together within Morpheus:

  • GitHub SCM integration
  • Secrets via Morpheus Cypher
  • Automation tasks with Python
  • Scheduled job runs
  • Morpheus API calls

All of these tools are included with Morpheus right out of the box along with nearly 100 codeless integrations. To read the full solution and see our code example, download the white paper today!

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Finally, you may want to join over 1000 community members by downloading the Morpheus Community Edition. It’s an untimed trial version of Morpheus that’s limited only by the total number of cloud integrations and managed workloads you’re able to on-board. It’s perfect for experimentation in a home lab. You can try out all of the tools used in this white paper and much more!

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