Fujitsu Service Hub Simplifies Hybrid IT Management with Morpheus Data

By: Brad Parks

Provisioning and managing modern IT services is now as easy as online ordering

As businesses continue to implement hybrid IT environments, the level of complexity they are dealing with inevitably increases, particularly when it comes to provisioning and coordinating multiple cloud services. Fujitsu recently introduced the user friendly, highly automated Service Hub platform to help customers manage this complexity, improve business agility and accessibility, and deliver better business results.

Morpheus Data, the hybrid cloud application orchestration company, has partnered with Fujitsu, one of the World’s largest IT and managed service providers (MSPs), to power enterprise digital transformation projects through the creation of a managed IT service platform, FUJITSU Service Hub.

Fujitsu, has a vision to redefine managed services while improving business agility and accessibility, thereby delivering better business results. Executing on that vision requires giving customers the ability to access managed private, public and hybrid cloud services from a service catalog through a user-friendly self-service portal.

After extensive research into available market offerings for hybrid cloud management and self-service, Fujitsu selected Morpheus as the platform of choice to power their managed services vision. Having spent much of the past year co-developing an offering, the FUJITSU Service Hub has gone live and Fujitsu is now migrating existing customers to this managed services platform with Morpheus as one of the most important platform application components. Fujitsu Customers simply select the required service from the portal and determine where it should be set up: in the company’s private cloud, a Fujitsu hosted cloud, or on a public cloud platform such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure ‘ or any combination.

The choices are governed by role-based access integrated into enterprise identity providers such as Active Directory or SAML. And existing IT automation tools, such as Ansible, Terraform, and ServiceNow, can easily be integrated into the Morpheus platform, enabling a seamless experience for enterprise IT teams.

What’s more, the Fujitsu Service Hub provides an overview of the approval process status. Customers have access to everything they need in one place. This approach also eliminates the need for the time-consuming management of individual contracts and service classes.

Fujitsu customers are already finding dramatically accelerated deployments. Previously, it could take four to six weeks to set up a managed service. With Fujitsu Service Hub, it now takes less than a week, and individual applications can be provisioned on-demand. For example, cloud-native development environments such as Kubernetes can be ready in just one day, and standard databases are up and running within an hour.

In addition to driving simplicity and flexibility, the Fujitsu Service Hub offers highly efficient cost management in a highly scalable, secure and compliant manner. It essentially allows customers to provide and use modern IT services as easily as placing an order in an online shop.

Looking ahead, Morpheus Data and Fujitsu plan to further develop the Fujitsu Service Hub to provide ongoing support for customers who are continuing on their digital transformation journey. Platform users will benefit from faster access to innovative technologies and simplified hybrid IT management, giving them the time to concentrate on what they do best ‘ which is concentrating on running their core business.

Fujitsu Service Hub

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