David Bowie was a Cloud Automation Pioneer

By: Brad Parks

You remind me of the babe (what babe?)

The babe with the power (what power?)

The power of voodoo (who do?)

You do (do what?)

Remind me of the babe

Yes’ I’m a big nerd. Engineer turned product management and marketing guy so it’s probably not a great shock that I can work Labyrinth, the Princess Bride, and the Holy Grail into just about any conversation. In this case the conversation was live with dozens of third-party bloggers and industry watchers.

Morpheus recently was honored to take part in our 3rd Cloud Field Day event and the analogy of corporate application service request automation as a goblin filled gauntlet was just too good to pass up. I, along with our much smarter Co-Founder, Field CT, and Director of Tech Marketing spent 90 minutes with the distinguished panel of independent delegates as well as a live streamed watch party and it was a great discussion.

We started off with a introduction and architectural level set and then launched into double-click sessions aligned with the different customer personas we see consuming hybrid cloud automation ‘ Cloud Ops, SecOps, DevOps, and FinOps. We also provided some teasers into some items hitting the street in a few weeks with our upcoming v5.0 release.

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