Cloud Resource Tagging with Morpheus

By: Morpheus Data

As organizations scale their multi-cloud environments, the need for visibility into these complex systems increases. There’s a strong business need to easily divide these resources into relevant groups for efficient reporting and cost management. The answer has been to devise tagging strategies and policies to track cloud usage but implementing a tagging policy in a multi-cloud environment creates complexity.

Morpheus CMP is designed to reign in complexity and enhance governance in the modern multi-cloud environment. Just like with other areas of IT operations, Morpheus abstracts away the complexity and differences in tagging from one cloud environment to the next. Morpheus supports bidirectional tag sync in the most popular on-premises and public clouds offered, including VMware, Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure. Through its policy engine, Morpheus also gives administrators the governance tools to ensure tagging consistency.

We’ve recently published a white paper on integrating Morpheus CMP with existing organizational policies on cloud tagging. This includes creating cloud integrations to on-board cloud resources and their tagging metadata, tagging resources as they are provisioned from Morpheus, and creating policies to enforce organizational standards for tagging.


White Paper

To learn more about the role that Morpheus can play in helping your organization maintain its cloud tagging standards, download the white paper today.


Download the full whitepaper


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