Automate, Automate, Automate with Morpheus Frictionless Delivery

By: Brad Parks

Velocity and innovation has become of critical importance to organizations. The need to be more agile and efficient continues to push organizations to adopt and/or expand on their existing DevOps practices.

Morpheus’ application blueprinting engine allows the configuration of multi-tier application that can land on any cloud. It supports different blueprinting technologies like Terraform, Amazon CloudFormation Templates (CFT), Azure Resource Manager (ARM), and Kubernetes HELM charts. This in addition to Morpheus’ own blueprinting technology.

Once Morpheus CMP is installed, configured, and you have connected your on premises and public clouds. Then you use Morpheus’ fine-grained role-based access controls and policies to achieve the necessary organizational governance. Now it’s time to enable continuous delivery with integration into DevOps tool chains and Infrastructure as Code.

The video below by Sean Jabro – Sr. Delivery Engineer @ Morpheus Data will show how to achieve this using Morpheus blueprinting and automation.

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