Get ahead of the Hybrid Cloud Platform Operations curve

The Inevitable Rise of Platform Operations

Go beyond buzzwords to see how platform engineering is impacting IT

While first-generation cloud management platforms gave IT control, those same CMPs lacked features that developers need to modernize enterprise software.

If a development team wanted to reclaim flexibility and speed, they could go around IT and piece together bespoke DevOps toolchains. But the results were brittle, expensive to maintain, and lacked the guardrails enterprises really needed.

To learn how platform engineering and platform operations balances those priorities across private and public cloud, take a closer look at The Inevitable Rise of Platform Operations. Inside, you’ll see how teams and technology are evolving rapidly to:

  • Enable developer self-service across private and public cloud
  • Tame wild containers and K8s clusters on the DevOps frontier
  • Scale enterprise use of automation and Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Modernize approaches to IT Service and Operations Management

Report Attribution

Source: The Inevitable Rise of Platform Operations, Jason Bloomberg, Jason English, Intellyx, June 2023.