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Cloud Management

self service portal diagram

Self Service Portal

Turn IT resources into a self-service, multi-tenant cloud. A simple graphical interface provides a single pane of glass with role-based access to available resources. Users can easily deploy and provision across the cloud, while administrators gain full control over access, reporting, and compliance.

Hybrid Cloud Management diagram

Hybrid Cloud Management

As hybrid cloud becomes the dominant paradigm in the modern enterprise, cloud management grows increasingly complex. Morpheus simplifies this complexity through a unified, infrastructure-agnostic solution that sits outside the data plane. Users can manage resources across most major public and private clouds (including bare-metal infrastructure) from a single cloud management platform.

DevOps diagram


Morpheus was built by DevOps engineers with the DevOps professional in mind. While Morpheus automates and simplifies many common DevOps functions, it is also built to be fully extensible and compatible with current DevOps processes and methodologies. From an advanced API and CLI to automation with Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt or custom scripting, Morpheus provides the platforms and tools for DevOps pros to take your organization to the next level.

Multi-tenancy diagram


Multi-tenancy is key to building a cost-effective hybrid cloud. All Morpheus plans offer unlimited tenants and give administrators the ability to tightly control access via roles and groups. Roles can vary from view-only reporting access to full-administrator, and everything in between, including access to specific resources.

Governance and Policy diagram

Governance and Policy

As enterprise clouds grow more complex, centralized control becomes increasingly important. Give developers the freedom to provision and manage applications and databases in an environment that's compatible with current governance and policies. Eliminate shadow IT by providing a simple platform for developers to access the resources they need, without involvement from IT.

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