Remove an AWS Server


Welcome to the Morpheus Minute. Today we’re going to clean up some old server infrastructure on AWS that’s no-longer needed. Remember – Morpheus can provision and deprovision infrastructure in any cloud environment. In this Morpheus Minute – we focus upon AWS. Morpheus maintains a demo environment in Ireland for European customers and partners. I often use it for demos when I’m in Europe. There are a couple of items we need to pay attention to before deleting servers. Fortunately, Morpheus is intelligent and will keep you from getting into trouble. On my AWS console, I have 3 instances up and running which were provisioned by Morpheus. The names correspond with the Servers page in the UI. To remove a server in Morpheus, click Infrastructure, then servers. Look for the server to be removed and click on its name. Make sure there are no containers, nodes, or VMs running on it. Then click Delete. Check the Remove Infrastructure box if you want Morpheus to terminate the instance in AWS. Un-check that if you want the infrastructure left running. Un- checking the remove infrastructure box removes the Morpheus agent from the server and removes it from Morpheus’s management but does not delete it from the cloud provider. Then click Delete. I can switch back over to my EC2 management console and watch Morpheus terminate the instance. That’s it! Thanks for watching this Morpheus Minute.

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